Untangling the Ownership of Running Aces Casino: A Deep Dive Into Major Stakeholders and Key Players


Located in Columbus, Minnesota, Running Aces Casino has become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. However, rumors and speculation have clouded the true ownership of the casino, creating confusion about who calls the shots and who has a stake in its success. Understanding the casino’s true ownership structure is important for anyone interested in the company’s operations and future direction.

Who Owns Running Aces Casino?

Running Aces Casino has a complex ownership structure composed of a few major stakeholders, including partners and investors. The primary stakeholders are top management, who are also investors. The Running Aces Harness Park enjoys a majority stake in the casino, with a larger portion of the ownership.

The Business Minds Behind Running Aces Casino

Some of the key players in the ownership and management of Running Aces Casino include Randy Sampson, William Osborn, and Dale Schenian, among others. Randy Sampson is the current CEO of Canterbury Park, a popular horse race track in Minnesota, William Osborn is a former CEO of Northern States Power Company (now Xcel Energy). Dale Schenian is the Vice-President of SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc, based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Untangling the Ownership Web

Understanding the ownership and management structure of Running Aces Casino can be quite challenging, owing to its complexity. Several individuals and entities have a stake in the company, which makes it difficult to attribute ownership. For example, Running Aces Harness Park owns the majority of the casino, but other entities also own part of the company. The company also has other smaller investors who hold minority stakes in the company.

A Closer Look at the Casino’s Ownership and Stakeholders

Running Aces Casino has several major stakeholders with a vested interest in the company’s success. These stakeholders include the partners and investors in the casino, such as the Running Aces Harness Park. Others include individual investors, such as Bill Osborn, Dale Schenian, and Randy Sampson. Understanding these stakeholders and their interests is critical in understanding the company’s operations and decision-making process.


Running Aces Casino is home to dozens of exciting games and hundreds of happy players, but few truly understand the company’s ownership structure. However, with a clear understanding of the key players and stakeholders behind the casino, it is easier to appreciate how the company operates and where it is headed. As Running Aces Casino continues to grow and evolve, paying attention to its ownership and stakeholders is essential for anyone following the company’s progress.

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