The Ultimate Guide to Earning Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2: Unlocking Secrets & Climbing the Ranks


Overwatch 2’s legacy credit system is an essential part of the game that allows players to unlock new items and characters. Legacy credits are earned through various in-game methods and can be spent on limited-time items, such as skins or emotes, or permanently acquire locked items. Understanding the best ways to earn legacy credits is essential, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting.

The Complete Guide to Earning Legacy Credits in OW2

There are numerous ways to earn legacy credits in Overwatch 2. You can participate in events, play arcade modes, level up, complete challenges, and earn them as rewards for winning games. To maximize the earning potential, it’s essential to understand each of these methods and what you can do to get the most out of them.

One of the most effective ways to earn legacy credits is by leveling up. You earn crates when you reach a new level, which can provide various items, including legacy credits. Additionally, arcade games are an excellent option for those aiming to accumulate credits since you can earn up to nine credits per victory.

Unlocking the Secrets of Legacy Credit Farming in OW2

Some Overwatch 2 game modes offer more legacy credits than others. For instance, each game in Competitive Play rewards players with a varying number of legacy credits based on their performance. Farming modes like Junkenstein’s Revenge and Archive allow players to gather a lot of legacy credits for a little effort.

If you would like to know how to make the most of legacy credit farming, it’s critical to focus on modes, similar to the ones mentioned. This way, you can fully optimize your earnings.

Making the Most of OW2’s Legacy Credit System

When it comes to legacy credits, spending them wisely is critical since they can be challenging to earn. Limited-time items, such as skins and emotes that can be purchased temporarily, can be good to spend your credits on. However, considering the rarity of legendary items and characters, these should always come first on your legacy credit spending list.

Additionally, it’s essential to know which items and characters are available and what their credit pricing is. With many of the characters costing thousands of credits, it can take a considerable amount of time to accumulate enough credits to unlock them. Knowing what’s available, as well as how many credits you’ll need to collect, can help you plan which character or item to purchase next.

From Noob to Pro: A Guide to Earning Legacy Credits in OW2

If you’re new to Overwatch 2 and trying to earn more legacy credits, you need to start by leveling up and playing arcade games. Completing achievements is another excellent method of accruing legacy credits. Make sure to check all the hero-specific achievements, as they are often relatively simple to complete and offer the reward of numerous legacy credits per achievement.

As you get more experienced in the game, you can start focusing more on how to acquire credits from competitive play. Climbing the ranks will bring with it higher rewards that you can use towards unlocking new characters and legendary items.

Climbing the Ranks: How to Earn More Credits in Competitive OW2

In Overwatch 2’s competitive mode, players can earn credits on top of the end-of-season rewards. By ranking higher in the competitive ranks, players can earn more credits as a reward per game won. This means, as opposed to earning some medals, the increased reward will result in a more significant number of legacy credits.

Additionally, it’s essential to build a team when playing competitive matches, thus maximizing your chances to win. In Overwatch 2, playing with a team grants players bonus XP. The same can be applied to the competitive mode. By playing in a team, it becomes simpler to coordinate and plan strategies, therefore winning increasingly more games and earning more legacy credits.

Grinding Your Way to Greatness: Tips for Earning Legacy Credits in OW2

There are other ways to earn legacy credits effectively. Some require a bit more effort but can provide significant rewards. The cinematic event “Storm Rising” and Retribution are two such incredible game modes. By picking the right heroes and working together with a team, you can easily farm a large number of credits repeatedly, earning up to 25 credits per game.

Another way of accruing credits in-game is through loot box farming. Loot boxes contain various items, including legacy credits, hero skins, and sprays. You can reroll the items and credits you get via loot boxes and even gain additional credits in the process. However, it can be difficult to pull off without investing time and effort to grind your way through the game.


Overwatch 2’s legacy credit system is an essential component of the game, providing rewards for your hard-earned efforts. Earning credits can be achieved in various methods, each with their own associated bonuses and rewards. For the best rewards, you need to focus on the game modes that offer the most legacy credits, plan which items or characters to unlock and use your credits wisely. By putting the strategies mentioned above into practice, you’ll accumulate legacy credits previously unobtainable to you.

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