When Will the Casino in Portsmouth, Virginia Open? A Comprehensive Analysis


The casino project in Portsmouth, Virginia, has been a hot topic for discussion among local residents, business owners, and city officials. The proposed casino promises to bring significant economic benefits to the city, but the opening date has been uncertain. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the casino project, including the latest updates on the opening date, historical and impact analysis, future projections, and comparisons with similar casinos in the region or the country.

News-Style Article

The opening date of the casino in Portsmouth, Virginia, has been a topic of much speculation and anticipation. According to the latest updates, the casino is expected to open in 2023. However, the exact date has not been finalized yet. The developer, Rush Street Gaming, has secured the necessary permits and approvals, and construction is ongoing. The project is estimated to cost over $300 million and will feature a gaming floor, a hotel, multiple restaurants and bars, and retail stores.

Local residents and business owners have mixed feelings about the casino’s opening. Some believe it will bring much-needed revenue to the city and create jobs, while others are concerned about the potential negative impacts, such as increased traffic, crime, and problem gambling. Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover has expressed optimism about the casino’s prospects, stating that it will “provide the city with a strong economic boost.”

Historical Article

The idea of a casino in Portsmouth has been in discussion for over a decade. The first proposal was made in 2010 by a group of investors who wanted to build a casino near the city’s naval shipyard. However, the proposal was rejected by the state legislature. In 2018, the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill to allow casino gambling in five cities, including Portsmouth.

After the bill was passed, Rush Street Gaming submitted a proposal to build a casino in Portsmouth. However, there were obstacles along the way, including zoning issues, environmental concerns, and political opposition. The city held a referendum in November 2020, and over 2/3 of the voters supported the casino project. The Virginia Lottery issued a permit to Rush Street Gaming in June 2021, and construction began shortly after.

Impact Analysis Article

The opening of the casino in Portsmouth is expected to have significant economic impacts. According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Hunden Strategic Partners, the casino is projected to generate over 2,000 jobs, $200 million in annual revenue, and $16 million in tax revenue for the city. The casino is also expected to attract tourists from neighboring states, which will boost the city’s hospitality industry and other businesses.

However, there are potential negative impacts to consider as well. Experts warn that the casino may contribute to problem gambling, which could cause financial and social harm to individuals and families. The increased traffic and congestion may also have adverse effects on the quality of life for residents. The city and the casino developer have committed to addressing these concerns by implementing responsible gambling practices, offering transportation solutions, and providing job opportunities and community support.

Future Projection Article

Based on historical trends and current information, it is reasonable to expect that the casino in Portsmouth will open in 2023, possibly in the latter half of the year. However, there are several factors that may affect the opening date. Construction delays, unforeseen challenges, and regulatory processes are among the potential obstacles that could push back the opening date.

Nevertheless, Rush Street Gaming is known for completing casino projects on time and within budget. The company has developed successful casinos in other states, such as Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York. As such, it is likely that the Portsmouth casino will follow a similar trajectory, and the opening date will not be significantly delayed.

Comparative Article

The casino in Portsmouth, Virginia, is relatively smaller than other casinos in the region or the country. For example, the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut has over 300,000 square feet of gaming space, compared to the Portsmouth casino’s projected 125,000 square feet. However, the Portsmouth casino’s location is strategic, as it is situated near several major highways and attractions, such as the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Industry experts and casino managers suggest that the preparation time for a new casino can vary depending on the scope of the project, the regulatory environment, and the developer’s experience. Larger casinos with more amenities may take longer to build and require more permits and approvals, while smaller ones may have more flexibility and face fewer obstacles.


The casino project in Portsmouth, Virginia, will have a significant impact on the city’s economy and community. The latest updates indicate that the casino is expected to open in 2023, but several factors may still affect the opening date. The historical analysis, impact analysis, future projection, and comparative analysis provide a comprehensive understanding of the casino project. While there are potential benefits and drawbacks to consider, the overall consensus is that the casino will bring much-needed revenue and jobs to the city.

Stay tuned for updates on the casino’s opening date, and be sure to weigh in on the discussions about the casino’s impact on Portsmouth and beyond.

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