The Casino Queen’s Reopening: What You Need to Know Post COVID-19 Shutdown


Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, casinos all over the country were forced to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. The Casino Queen in East Saint Louis was no exception, and like many other establishments, it had to close its doors to visitors and patrons. Now, it seems like the shutdown will come to an end soon, and people are eager to know when they can come back and enjoy the games. This article will provide an overview of the Casino Queen’s reopening plan and the measures they have implemented to ensure the safety of both visitors and employees.

The Casino Queen’s Reopening: What to Expect Post COVID-19 Shutdown

When the Casino Queen reopens, visitors can expect to see significant changes and modifications that will ensure their safety. These changes include the mandatory wearing of face masks, the availability of hand sanitizers, and the implementation of temperature checks at the entrance. The casino will also limit the number of visitors who can enter the establishment at the same time and enforce social distancing guidelines strictly.

Despite these changes, visitors can still look forward to an enjoyable and fun experience at the Casino Queen. They can expect to see an even cleaner and more sanitized establishment, as professional cleaners will continuously disinfect the place.

The Countdown Begins: Casino Queen Set to Reopen Soon

According to the Casino Queen’s management, they are working hard to reopen the establishment as soon as possible. Although the exact date remains uncertain, people can expect to see the casino reopen its doors in the coming weeks. The anticipation and excitement around the casino’s reopening are palpable, as many people are eager to see the casino once again operational for visitors.

A Look inside the Casino Queen’s Plan for a Safe Reopening

The Casino Queen management has implemented numerous measures to ensure that patrons and employees remain safe when the establishment reopens. These measures include:

  • Limiting casino occupancy to 25% of its total capacity
  • Mandatory face masks for all visitors and employees
  • Temperature screenings before entering the casino
  • Professional cleaning and disinfection of the establishment multiple times a day
  • Enforcing social distancing guidelines and using signage to indicate these guidelines throughout the casino
  • Providing hand sanitizers throughout the establishment for frequent use
  • Installation of partitions between gaming machines, tables, and other areas where social distancing is not possible

The casino management believes that these measures will adequately protect the casino’s patrons, visitors, and employees while still providing an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Casino Queen’s Reopening: Fun & Games in the Time of COVID-19

Despite the changes and modifications to ensure safety, visitors to the Casino Queen are still in for a treat. The casino still offers various gaming options, from live table games to more than 1,000 slot machines. The casino has also announced that it will adhere to the State of Illinois’ health and safety guidelines regarding entertainment options and limitations.

The Casino Queen will provide other entertainment options and events to keep visitors entertained. On select days, patrons will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as electronics and luxury watches. Bingo enthusiasts can look forward to taking part in the regular bingo nights that the casino will host.

Casino Queen Delays Reopening: The Latest Update & What We Know So Far

In a surprising move, the Casino Queen delayed the reopening date initially announced. Management cited the need to ensure their staff was adequately trained and ready to implement the necessary safety protocols. However, visitors need not worry, as management is working hard to open the casino soon.

Visitors can expect to see the casino reopen in the coming weeks. They are advised to check for updates as the management is yet to announce an exact date. Still, experts believe that the establishment will open soon and that the delay was only for the betterment of safety protocols.

Rock On: A Preview of the Casino Queen’s Entertainment Lineup Upon Reopening

After the reopening, the Casino Queen will begin to host numerous solo artists and group performers. Some of the most notable artists to grace the stage include country band Parmalee, rock group Little River Band, and R&B funk group Con Funk Shun. Over time, more artists are expected to perform, and visitors must stay tuned to see who is coming to the Casino Queen stage.

From High Rollers to Foodies: A Guide to Making the Most of the Casino Queen’s Reopening

Whether visitors are high rollers or foodies, the Casino Queen will offer something that appeals to them. For high rollers, there are numerous VIP lounges and private rooms to cater to their needs. Visitors can also take advantage of the ‘Queen’s Club Card,’ which allows visitors to earn points while playing games, allowing them to earn rewards and amenities. On the other hand, foodies can enjoy various cuisines and dishes that the casino’s restaurants offer.

On top of these, the Casino Queen will also offer luxurious and comfortable hotel accommodation options, which visitors can take advantage of to make the most of their experience.


The Casino Queen’s reopening is imminent, and visitors can expect an even more enjoyable and safer experience when they come back to play. The management has gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of both visitors and employees, while still offering a fun and exciting experience. So pack your bags, get your game on, and enjoy all that the Casino Queen has to offer during its reopening.

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