Exploring the Possible Reasons Behind Julie and The Phantoms’ Cancellation


Julie and the Phantoms was a Netflix original series that premiered in September 2020. Created by Dan Cross and David Hoge, the show follows 16-year-old Julie (Madison Reyes) as she teams up with the ghostly members of a 90s boy band to create music and navigate teenage life. With a talented cast, catchy songs, and inclusive representation, the show quickly gained a dedicated fanbase. However, on June 8th, 2021, Netflix announced that the show would not be returning for a second season.

Analyzing the Possible Reasons for the Cancellation of Julie and The Phantoms

While Netflix did not provide an official reason for the cancellation, there are several possible factors that may have played a role in the decision.

Low Ratings

One of the most commonly cited reasons for the show’s cancellation is low ratings. While audience reception to the show was generally positive, the numbers may not have been high enough to justify continuing production for another season.

Discussion of the Show’s Ratings

Unfortunately, Netflix does not release specific viewership statistics for individual shows. However, the lack of an official renewal announcement for several months after the first season premiered suggested that the numbers were not as high as the streaming giant would have liked. Additionally, some reports suggest that the show did not perform as well globally as it did in the United States.

Comparison to Other Netflix Shows

Fans of Julie and the Phantoms have pointed out that the show’s ratings may not have been any lower than other Netflix shows that received multiple seasons. For example, shows like The OA and Sense8 were both popular among fans but were ultimately cancelled after only a few seasons. Therefore, low ratings alone may not have been the sole reason behind the show’s cancellation.

Production Problems

Another possible reason for the show’s cancellation could be production problems that arose during the making of the first season.

Discussion of Any Production Issues that May Have Arisen

According to some reports, the show experienced some behind-the-scenes issues. For example, sources have claimed that there were disagreements between the show’s creators and Netflix executives over the direction of the series. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused delays or complications during production.

Impact of Production Issues on the Show’s Continuation

If there were production issues that made the show more difficult and costly to produce, this could have played a role in the decision to cancel it after only one season.

Budget Constraints

With each Netflix show costing millions of dollars to produce, budget constraints are always a concern when deciding whether or not to renew a series.

Discussion of the Show’s Budget

While there is no public information about the budget of the show, it is possible that the cost of producing the musical numbers and special effects, as well as paying the large ensemble cast, strained the show’s budget constraints.

How Budget May Have Impacted the Decision to Cancel the Show

With the cost of producing a single season of television rising every year, budget constraints can sometimes play a larger role in the decision to cancel a show rather than ratings or quality. If the cost of producing a second season of Julie and the Phantoms outweighed the potential profits, it is possible that this played a part in the show’s cancellation.

The Impact of Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix

Initial Reception

Despite the show’s cancellation, the impact of Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix was significant.

Discussion of the Early Response to the Show

The show was initially met with positive reviews from fans and critics alike, who praised its diverse representation, catchy music, and charming cast. Madison Reyes, in particular, received acclaim for her performance as Julie.

Why the Show Was Initially Viewed as a Success

While it may not have been the most-watched show on the platform, Julie and the Phantoms quickly became a fan favorite and generated buzz on social media. Its combination of humor, drama, music, and representation resonated with a wide range of viewers.

Reasons for the Ultimate Cancellation

While the show was initially well-received, the decision to cancel it after only one season could have been influenced by a variety of factors.

How the Success of the Show May Have Impacted Its Continuation

Ironically, the success of the show in terms of critical acclaim and fan devotion may have worked against it in the long run. With such high expectations and a passionate fanbase, future seasons may have been under intense scrutiny and pressure to deliver equally compelling content.

General Trends in Netflix Cancellations

Netflix has a reputation for cancelling shows after only a few seasons, regardless of their popularity or critical reception. This could be due to the platform’s business model, which relies heavily on new content and generating buzz. The cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms may have simply been business as usual for Netflix, rather than a reflection of the show’s quality or popularity.

Future Implications

While Julie and the Phantoms may no longer be continuing as a series, its impact on the platform and its viewers could still be significant.

Potential Future Shows Similar to Julie and the Phantoms

The success of Julie and the Phantoms has demonstrated that there is an audience for musical series with inclusive representation. This could open the door for future shows with similar themes and elements.

How Netflix May Respond to the Show’s Cancellation

Netflix has a history of listening to fan feedback and using it to inform future content decisions. The passionate response to the cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms could potentially influence how the platform approaches similar shows in the future, either by investing in more seasons or by developing new projects with similar themes and elements.

The Legacy of Julie and The Phantoms


One of the most notable aspects of Julie and the Phantoms is its passionate and devoted fanbase.

Discussion of the Show’s Dedicated Fandom

Since its premiere, fans have created art, fan fiction, and social media accounts dedicated to the show. They have praised the show’s representation of LGBTQ+ characters, its positive portrayal of grief and mental health, and its uplifting message.

Why the Show May Have Meant So Much to Its Viewers

The show’s positive and empowering message, combined with its catchy music and lovable characters, resonated with viewers of all ages and backgrounds. Its themes of identity, belonging, and overcoming adversity struck a chord with many fans who felt seen and heard by the show’s inclusive representation.

Cast and Crew

The cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms could have a profound impact on the individuals involved with bringing the show to life.

How the Cancellation May Have Impacted the Individuals Involved with the Show

For cast members like Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, and Owen Patrick Joyner, Julie and the Phantoms was a breakout role that launched their careers. Losing the opportunity to continue to portray these beloved characters and work with their co-stars and crew could be difficult and disappointing.

Potential Future Projects Involving the Show’s Creators

However, the success of Julie and the Phantoms has demonstrated the talent and creativity of its creators and writers. It’s possible that future projects involving Dan Cross, David Hoge, and other individuals behind the scenes of Julie and the Phantoms could be highly anticipated by fans.

Future Impact

The impact of Julie and the Phantoms may extend beyond its cancellation as a series, as fans imagine future possibilities for the show and its characters.

How Julie and The Phantoms May Impact Future Shows

The fan response to the show’s cancellation has been overwhelmingly supportive and vocal. This could encourage more creators to develop musical series with diverse representation and inclusive themes, inspired by the success of Julie and the Phantoms.

Ideas for Continuing the Story in Some Way

Many fans have also suggested ways in which the story of Julie and the Phantoms could continue, such as through spin-off shows, movies, or even a Broadway musical. While these may be unlikely, the passion of the fanbase shows just how much these characters and their stories have touched viewers.

Julie and The Phantoms’ Cultural Significance

Diverse Representation

Julie and the Phantoms has been praised for its inclusive representation of LGBTQ+ characters, people of color, and individuals with disabilities.

Discussion of the Show’s Representation of Diverse Sexualities and Races

The show features a diverse cast of characters with varied sexualities and races, including Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner), a gay character whose sexuality is prominently featured in the show’s plot. The show also features characters of Cuban, Chinese, and Black descent.

Importance of Inclusive Media Representation

The positive representation of marginalized communities onscreen can have a significant impact on how viewers see themselves and others. By portraying a variety of backgrounds and experiences, shows like Julie and the Phantoms can help to promote acceptance and understanding in the world.

Social Issues

The show’s themes and storylines also address important social issues such as grief and mental health.

Discussion of the Show’s Commentary on Social Issues Such as Mental Health and Grief

Juile and The Phantoms portrays characters dealing with the loss of loved ones, including Julie’s mother. Additionally, some of the show’s musical numbers and storylines address mental health struggles and anxiety.

The Impact of Addressing Social Issues in Media

Addressing difficult topics in media can help to destigmatize them and encourage individuals to seek help. By depicting characters who struggle with mental health and grief, Julie and the Phantoms can help to start a necessary conversation about these topics.

Fan Reactions to Julie and The Phantoms’ Cancellation

Overview of Fan Reactions

The cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms has elicited a significant response from fans of the show.

Discussion of Fan Petitions and Social Media Responses

Fans have responded to the news of the show’s cancellation through social media campaigns and petitions requesting that the show be renewed. These campaigns have been supported by cast members and show creators.

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