Why Does My Baby Grunt So Much? Understanding and Alleviating Excessive Grunting in Infants


Have you ever wondered why your baby seems to grunt excessively? While some grunting is normal, excessive grunting may be a cause for concern. In this article, we will explore the different reasons behind excessive baby grunting, offer advice on how to alleviate it, and provide reassurances that it is usually nothing to be concerned about.

Types of Grunting

There are different types of grunting that babies may engage in. Some may happen during feeding, while others may occur during sleep or between naps. During feeding, babies may grunt as they try to coordinate their breathing with swallowing. During sleep, they may grunt as they adjust to a new sleeping position. Between naps, they may grunt as they try to pass gas or have a bowel movement.

Causes and Solutions

Excessive grunting may be a sign of a breathing issue, digestive problem, or developmental milestone. According to Dr. Sara Connolly, MD, a pediatrician with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, babies may also grunt when they are working hard at calming themselves down, when they are hungry, or when they want to communicate.

To alleviate grunting, try using a pacifier, changing your baby’s position, or gently rubbing their tummy. If you suspect that your baby’s grunting may be related to a medical condition such as reflux or sleep apnea, seek medical advice and consider the available treatments.

Personal Anecdotes

Many parents have experienced excessive grunting in their own children. Melissa, a mother from Pennsylvania, recalls her experience with her son, “He would grunt and groan all the time. It seemed like he was never really comfortable. We eventually realized he had reflux and started treating it, which helped a lot.”

Other parents have found that a warm bath or massage helps calm their grunting baby. Emma, a mother from California, shares, “When my daughter starts grunting, we give her a warm bath with lavender oil. It seems to help her relax and fall asleep easier.”

Soothing Techniques

There are many different techniques you can try to soothe a grunting baby. Some parents find that using white noise or singing lullabies helps their baby fall asleep. Others prefer taking a walk or doing some light exercises with their baby. You may also try using a swaddle or baby carrier to help your baby feel secure and calm.


While excessive grunting may be a cause for concern, it is often nothing to worry about. There are many different reasons why babies may grunt, from developmental milestones to medical conditions. By understanding the different types of grunting and trying different soothing techniques, you can help your baby feel comfortable and calm. If you have any concerns about your baby’s health, always consult a pediatrician.

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