Why Do My Hands Turn Red For No Reason? Understanding the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments


Redness in the hands can be uncomfortable and distracting. It can cause embarrassment and concern, especially if you aren’t sure of the cause. In this article, we will explore some of the medical and non-medical reasons associated with red hands. We will also examine some natural remedies to alleviate redness of the hands.

Medical Reasons

Several medical factors can cause redness in the hands. One of the most common is Raynaud’s Syndrome, in which the blood vessels of the fingers and toes narrow and go into spasm, usually in response to cold temperatures. Eczema and psoriasis can also cause redness and itching in the hands, while systemic lupus erythematosus can result in joint pain, fatigue, and redness in various parts of the body, including hands. Certain medications, such as anti-hypertensive medicines, antibiotics, and chemotherapy drugs may be associated with red hands.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors or conditions can also lead to redness in the hands. Poor circulation caused by certain health conditions can affect the flow of blood to the hands, resulting in redness and discomfort. Exposure to cold temperatures or holding cold objects for long periods can result in a burning sensation and a red or blotchy appearance. Direct contact with certain substances can also cause redness in the hands. It is common among people who regularly use chemicals, cleaners, or detergents.

Emotional Triggers

There is a link between emotional stress and physical symptoms like redness in the hands. When you experience strong emotions like anger, fear, or anxiety, your body can produce adrenaline and cortisol, causing vasoconstriction to supply fresh blood to the body to prepare for fight or flight situation. This can lead to redness on the hands. Personal accounts of individuals who have experienced emotional triggers resulting in red hands indicate that the redness disappears after some time when the underlying emotional situation is resolved.

Lifestyle Habits

Several lifestyle choices contribute to redness of the hands. Alcohol consumption, smoking, and faulty diets can lead to poor circulation, increased body temperature, and reduced amounts of oxygen in the blood, ultimately resulting in redness. Consuming too much caffeine or not drinking enough water or fluids can exacerbate the symptoms.

Personal Accounts

When redness in the hands occur frequently, sufferers may undergo a distressing experience, especially when they don’t know the cause. Personal accounts of people who experience redness in their hands convey their confusion and concern as they experience various symptoms. They may try different home remedies without success or consult several doctors, psychologists, and dermatologists to find a solution. Recurring redness in the hands can affect a person’s self-confidence and engagement in regular activities, and this is why finding a solution is essential for people who experience these symptoms.

Treatment Options

Once you identify the cause of your red hands, you can begin treatment. Traditional medical treatments, such as ointments, topical creams, and pharmaceutical medication, can help by reducing inflammation and calming skin irritation caused by various health conditions. Alternative treatments like essential oils, yoga, and changes in diet and regime, such as incorporating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine, can also help alleviate the symptoms of redness in the hands. Consulting a medical professional is always recommended to determine the best medication to use.


Preventive measures can be taken to reduce the incidence of redness in the hands. Avoiding any substance that could trigger an allergic reaction, wearing gloves when performing manual work, regularly exercising and stretching your hands, maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol are among the preventive measures you can take daily to reduce the incidence of redness in your hands.


Redness in the hands can be caused by various medical or environmental factors, emotions, or unhealthy lifestyle habits. Although there are several treatment options and preventive measures available, the best course of action is to seek medical advice if you experience persistent redness in your hands. Your primary care physician will conduct an initial examination and refer you to a dermatologist or other medical professional to identify the cause of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan. Being vigilant about your health and forming healthy habits could help prevent redness in the hands.

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