Why Did Paulie Perrette Leave NCIS: Exploring the Emotional Journey, Impact, and Legacy of Abby Sciuto


Paulie Perrette is an American actress, philanthropist, and activist best known for her role as Abby Sciuto on the hit television series, NCIS. In May of 2018, Perrette announced her departure from the show after 15 seasons, leaving fans wondering why she left and how her absence would impact the popular crime drama. This article will explore the emotional journey of Perrette, examine the impact of her departure from NCIS, discuss the issue of toxic work environments in Hollywood, and reflect on the legacy of Perrette and her iconic character, Abby Sciuto.

The Emotional Journey of Paulie Perrette

Perrette’s departure from NCIS was a shock to both fans and her fellow cast members. In a series of tweets and interviews, Perrette revealed that her decision to leave the show was due to “multiple physical assaults” that occurred on set. She did not name any cast or crew members as the perpetrators but hinted that her departure from the show was related to a toxic work environment.

After leaving NCIS, Perrette has been open about her emotional struggles. In an interview with People Magazine, she revealed that she suffered from depression and anxiety before and during her time on the show. Perrette has since sought help and has become an advocate for mental health awareness. She has also used her platform to raise awareness about animal rights, homelessness, and other social issues.

NCIS Without Abby

Abby Sciuto was one of the most beloved characters on NCIS, and fans were understandably upset when Perrette left the show. NCIS showrunner, Frank Cardea, has since said that the writers and producers were “heartbroken” when Perrette decided to leave but respected her decision. In an effort to fill the void left by Abby’s departure, NCIS has introduced new characters and storylines.

However, despite the efforts of the writers and producers, fans have continued to express their disappointment about Abby’s absence. Many have taken to social media to voice their frustrations, with some even saying that they stopped watching the show after Perrette’s departure.

Hollywood’s Toxic Work Environment

The issue of toxic work environments in Hollywood has become a topic of discussion in recent years, with many actors and actresses coming forward with stories of harassment and mistreatment. Perrette’s decision to leave NCIS was a result of workplace harassment, although she did not go into detail about the specific incidents that led to her departure.

The #MeToo movement has helped bring the issue of workplace harassment to the forefront of public discourse. Actors and actresses like Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan have been vocal about their experiences with workplace harassment, and many in Hollywood have called for greater accountability and change.

The Abby Effect

Abby Sciuto was more than just a popular character on a television show – she was a symbol of power for women. Abby’s character defied societal norms in many ways. She was a goth, a scientist, a single woman, and a survivor of abuse. Her presence on NCIS challenged traditional gender roles and inspired many viewers.

Abby’s character had a significant impact on viewers, both within the show and in real life. On NCIS, she was a valued member of the team, despite her quirks and occasional rule-breaking. In real life, she was an inspiration to many women who saw themselves in her quirky, confident, and independent personality.

Goodbye, Abby

Abby Sciuto had a memorable run on NCIS, and her departure was bittersweet for fans. Some of her most memorable moments on the show include her goth fashion, her love of furbies, her special bond with Gibbs, and her affectionate nickname for McGee, “Very Special Agent Timmy”. Abby’s character was not only unique but also powerful, and her impact on NCIS and its fans cannot be overstated.

Since leaving NCIS, Perrette has become a cultural icon and a source of inspiration for many. Her legacy as Abby Sciuto lives on, inspiring women around the world to embrace their quirks and follow their passions.


Paulie Perrette’s departure from NCIS was a shock to fans and cast members alike, but it was also an opportunity to reflect on important issues. The discussion around toxic work environments in Hollywood and the need for greater accountability and change is ongoing. Perrette’s emotional journey, the impact of Abby’s absence, and the legacy of Perrette and her character are all topics worthy of continued discussion and reflection.

As we move forward, it’s important to remember, as Abby often said, “never let a bully win”. We must stand up for what is right, support one another, and continue to demand change in our workplaces and in society as a whole.

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