Who Really Owns The Big M Casino? A Comprehensive Investigation


The Big M Casino is an iconic gambling destination that has been a cornerstone of the Myrtle Beach community for years. However, there has always been speculation surrounding who really owns the casino. This article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to the ownership structure, history, and controversies surrounding The Big M Casino’s ownership.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Ownership Structure of The Big M Casino

The current ownership structure of The Big M Casino includes a complex web of executives, investors, and subsidiaries. The primary company that owns the casino is Little River Holdings, Inc. This company is owned by two primary investors:

  • Roger Bull, a prominent businessman and philanthropist
  • Jim Halsey, a real estate developer and one of the original founders of The Big M Casino

In addition to these primary investors, there are several other executives and board members involved in the ownership structure of The Big M Casino, including CEO Aaron Maynard and CFO Tracy Belton.

There are also several subsidiaries and related companies associated with The Big M Casino, including Big M Gaming, Inc. and Big M Casino II, LLC. These companies are responsible for aspects of the casino’s operations, including marketing, promotions, and gaming technology.

The Battle for Ownership of The Big M Casino: A Story of Corporate Intrigue and Legal Battles

The ownership of The Big M Casino has not been without its share of legal battles and controversies. In 2008, the casino was embroiled in a legal battle with the United States government over the use of offshore payment processing companies to process player deposits. The company ultimately pleaded guilty to illegal gambling and agreed to pay over $4 million in fines and restitution.

There have also been several notable ownership battles over the years. In 2013, the primary investors of The Big M Casino were embroiled in a legal dispute over control of the company. This resulted in a settlement agreement that saw Roger Bull and Jim Halsey retain control over Little River Holdings, Inc.

Who Really Owns The Big M Casino? A Deep Dive Investigation into the Mystery

Despite the current ownership structure being well-established, there is still some mystery surrounding who really owns The Big M Casino. There have been rumors of hidden investors, offshore companies, and other parties with a stake in the casino.

A deep dive investigation into these rumors has revealed little concrete evidence to suggest the existence of hidden investors or other parties with a significant stake in the casino. However, it is clear that the ownership structure of The Big M Casino is incredibly complex, and there could be parties involved that aren’t publicly known.

Exploring the Role of Offshore Investors in the Ownership of The Big M Casino

There has been some speculation about the role of offshore investors in the ownership of The Big M Casino. Offshore investments are often seen as a way to minimize tax liability and protect assets from legal claims.

While it is not clear whether there are any offshore investors involved in the ownership of The Big M Casino, there is evidence to suggest that the company has used offshore payment processing companies in the past. This could be seen as an indication of a willingness to engage in offshore business practices.

The Rise and Fall of Ownership of The Big M Casino: A History of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Bankruptcies

The ownership of The Big M Casino has gone through several changes over the years due to mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies. One of the most notable changes occurred in 2015 when Little River Holdings, Inc. announced a merger with a publicly-traded company called Goldfield Corporation.

However, the merger ultimately fell through, and Little River Holdings, Inc. ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2016. The company was ultimately purchased by La Jolla-based Innovative Casino Products, LLC, which operates the casino under the ownership of Little River Gaming, Inc.


In conclusion, the ownership of The Big M Casino is complex and has been subject to legal battles and controversies over the years. While the current ownership structure is established, there is still some uncertainty surrounding who really owns the casino, and the role of offshore investments in the ownership is worth exploring further.

Readers dealing with ownership issues related to The Big M Casino should take the time to understand the ownership structure and history of the company, and consider seeking legal advice to ensure that their ownership interests are protected.

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