Who Owns Live Casino Philadelphia? An In-Depth Analysis of the Ownership Dispute


Live Casino Philadelphia, one of the premier casino destinations in Philadelphia, has been the subject of an ownership dispute in recent times. The legal battle, which has been ongoing for months, has caused anxiety among staff members, clients, and investors. In this article, we will explore the ownership dispute and its potential impact on the casino, stakeholders and the public.

Ownership Dispute of Live Casino Philadelphia: An In-Depth Analysis

The ownership dispute of Live Casino Philadelphia dates back to 2014 when local investors, Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, secured the second casino license in the city. Since then, major breakthroughs have not been made due to legal issues and disputes. The ownership dispute has been so intense and prolonged that a report of a possible resolution emerged in the media in May 2021. While many hoped it was the end of the dispute, the parties involved have continued to fight for their share of the casino.

The parties involved in the ownership battle are Cordish Gaming, LLC, and Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment. Cordish Gaming claims that Greenwood Gaming did not have the financial resources required to develop the project and ultimately manipulated the license application process. In contrast, Greenwood Gaming maintains that Cordish’s accusations are baseless and that they are the legitimate owners of the casino.

The ownership dispute has had several significant developments, including court battles and accusations of fraud. In November 2020, Cordish filed a lawsuit against Greenwood, arguing that they had submitted false financial statements to win the casino license. The case is currently ongoing, and both parties are hoping for a favorable outcome that will secure their interests.

A Review of the Ownership Structure of Live Casino Philadelphia

Live Casino Philadelphia is owned jointly by Cordish Gaming and Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment. Cordish Gaming invested in the project in 2018, taking a minority stake in the casino. Despite owning less than 50% of the facility, Cordish has been an active participant in the casino’s development and operations.

The ownership structure has contributed to the protracted legal battle, with both companies pushing for control of the board of directors and the lion’s share of the profits. Cordish’s lawsuit against Greenwood is just one of the problems that continue to hold up the progress of the casino.

Understanding the Legal Battle Surrounding Live Casino Philadelphia’s Ownership

The legal battle surrounding the ownership of Live Casino Philadelphia is complex and multifaceted. It comprises several different legal issues and filings, including Cordish’s lawsuit against Greenwood, Greenwood’s counterclaims, and arguments in court over the validity of the license application.

Cordish argues that Greenwood manipulated the licensing process by providing false information on its financial documents. Greenwood, however, claims that Cordish agreed to the financial arrangement, which it now disputes. The legal arguments have caused delays in the casino’s development and may prolong the dispute until a court ruling.

The legal outcome of the ownership dispute will have significant implications not only for Cordish and Greenwood but also for the wider community. The legal battle has caused delays in the casino’s development, losses of income for employees, and frustrations for customers who had hoped to experience the newest casino in Philadelphia.

An Exclusive Interview with Live Casino Philadelphia’s Stakeholders on Ownership Tussles

In an exclusive interview with stakeholders of Live Casino Philadelphia, they revealed that the ownership tussle has affected them in different ways; however, they are optimistic for a peaceful resolution of the matter. One stakeholder stated, “We have been waiting for years for Live Casino Philadelphia to open and provide us with a source of entertainment and a boost to the local economy. The ownership dispute has been frustrating and has delayed progress, but we believe that the matter will eventually be resolved and the casino will open soon.”

The stakeholders also expressed their opinions on the potential impact of the dispute. Some believed that it would have a negative impact on the casino’s reputation and the public’s perception of it before it opened. Others were more optimistic, stating that once the dispute was resolved, the casino would finally be open for business, providing jobs and entertainment for the local community.

What the Public Needs to Know About the Ownership Saga of Live Casino Philadelphia
What the Public Needs to Know About the Ownership Saga of Live Casino Philadelphia

What the Public Needs to Know About the Ownership Saga of Live Casino Philadelphia

The ownership dispute has significant implications for the wider community, including the impact on jobs, income, and the local economy. The delay in opening could also affect the perception of the casino and cause customers to turn to other gaming opportunities. It is essential for those affected to stay informed and follow any updates on the legal battle. For staff members and other stakeholders, it is important to be patient and to understand that the resolution of the dispute will take time.


The ownership dispute of Live Casino Philadelphia is a complex issue that has caused delays and frustration among stakeholders. The legal battle, which stems from accusations of financial misrepresentation, has yet to be resolved, and Cordish and Greenwood continue to fight for their interests.

The ownership dispute has significant implications for the casino’s operations, staff members, investors, and the wider community. It is essential for those affected by the legal battle to stay informed and to follow any updates closely.

Overall, there is optimism that the dispute will be resolved soon, paving the way for the casino’s opening and providing jobs, entertainment, and a boost to the local economy.

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