Which Enstars Character Are You? Take Our Quiz and Discover Your True Self


Enstars is a popular Japanese mobile game that has been adapted into an anime series. It revolves around the lives of students at a fictional school of the performing arts, where they aim to become top idols. The characters are diverse and well-drawn, an aspect that has won them a significant following on social media platforms. This article aims to help you identify with one of the Enstars characters and, in turn, learn more about yourself.

“Which Enstars Character Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!”

We understand that you might not have the time and interest to learn about each of the Enstars’ characters’ personality traits. Therefore, our quiz is designed to help you find out which character you are most like in just a few minutes!

To take the quiz:

  • Click on the quiz link.
  • You will be presented with fifteen multiple-choice questions. Choose the most appropriate answer for you.
  • Once you answer the last question, click the “submit” button.
  • Voila! You will receive your quiz results, along with a brief description of the character you matched with.

The quiz includes both male and female characters from Enstars. Here is an overview of the characters that you might match within the quiz:

  • Izumi Sena: A kind, considerate, and passionate second-year student who wants to become the academy’s top idol.
  • Adonis Otogari: A third-year student who is charming, confident, and cares deeply about his friends
  • Itsuki Shu: A serious, hardworking, and responsible character who has high expectations of himself and others.
  • Arashi Narukami: A playful, mischievous, and carefree first-year student who enjoys singing and dancing.
  • Ritsu Sakuma: A talkative, energetic, and optimistic second-year student who is well-liked by his peers.
  • Keito Hasumi: A polite, stoic, and reserved individual who is often mistaken as aloof.
  • Nagi Rokuya: A cheerful, energetic, and optimistic second-year student who values the importance of friendship and hard work.
  • Mika Kagehira: A charismatic, confident, and passionate fourth-year student who is well-known for his singing and dancing abilities.

Our quiz is designed to help you find out which one of the characters best aligns with your personality. The results come with a brief description of that character and are meant to help you learn more about yourself.

The Ultimate Enstars Personality Guide: Discover Your Character Match

If you want to know more about each character’s personality, this is the section for you. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

  • Izumi Sena: Passionate, kind, considerate, and honest
  • Adonis Otogari: Confident, charming, and caring with a deep love for his friends.
  • Itsuki Shu: Responsible, pragmatic, ambitious, and disciplined.
  • Arashi Narukami: Carefree, playful, and loves to sing and dance.
  • Ritsu Sakuma: Talkative, energetic, and optimistic.
  • Keito Hasumi: Stoic, polite, reserved, and determined to achieve his goals.
  • Nagi Rokuya: Determined, hard-working, and optimistic. He values the importance of friendship and teamwork.
  • Mika Kagehira: Charismatic, passionate, confident, and dedicated to his craft.

If you’re wondering how to identify with one of the characters, keep reading!

Unveiling your True Self with Enstars – How to Identify with your Favourite Character

Identifying with a character can be quite challenging, but here is a quick guide to help you:

Start by figuring out your personality type. Are you more extroverted or introverted? Do you enjoy being around people, or do you feel more comfortable in your own space? This self-awareness helps to narrow down your Enstars character selection.

Once you have a rough idea of your personality type, you can start selecting an Enstars character that aligns with your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you are a hardworking individual who values success and discipline, then Itsuki Shu is your ideal character match.

Another way to identify with an Enstars character is to watch their day-to-day interactions with other characters, from their tone of voice to their facial expressions. For example, if you notice that your favourite character is always smiling and cheerful, chances are you have a similar personality type.

Decode Your Personality with the Enstars Characters

In this section, we delve into how personality types work and use Enstars characters to illustrate our point. You will learn about the nine personality types and how you can spot them in the characters. Here is what you need to know:

  • Type One: Principled, rational, and idealistic. Eg: Itsuki Shu
  • Type Two: Empathetic, generous, and supportive. Eg: Izumi Sena
  • Type Three: Ambitious, adaptable, and energetic. Eg: Mika Kagehira
  • Type Four: Sensitive, expressive, and individualistic. Eg: Adonis Otogari
  • Type Five: Investigative, analytical, and intellectual. Eg: Keito Hasumi
  • Type Six: Loyal, committed, and responsible. Eg: Ritsu Sakuma
  • Type Seven: Enthusiastic, spontaneous, and imaginative. Eg: Nagi Rokuya
  • Type Eight: Self-assured, assertive, and protective. Eg: Tetora Nagumo
  • Type Nine: Peaceful, trusting, and spiritual. Eg: Eichi Tenshouin

Once you have a general understanding of the personality types, you can use this knowledge to match yourself with an Enstars character. You can do this by watching how each character approaches their daily lives, from how they speak to how they deal with conflict and stress.

Enstars: The Mirror to your True Identity – a Guide to Finding Your Ideal Character

Your ideal Enstars character is the one that best aligns with your true identity. Here are a few ways to find your perfect match:

Start by understanding your strengths and weaknesses. What makes you unique? What are your personal interests and hobbies? These are some of the key factors that can help you find a character that aligns with your personality and life goals.

Another way to find your perfect match is to analyze your favorite characters. What do you like about their personalities? What makes them stand out from the rest? These are some of the questions that can help you pinpoint your ideal Enstars character.


In conclusion, Enstars characters are unique and well-developed individuals that can help us learn more about our personalities and quirks. By taking the quiz and learning about each character’s personality, you can gain valuable insights into your character and learn how to improve your relationships with others.

We hope this article has helped you identify with an Enstars character. To take the quiz and share your results with friends, visit our link.

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