Where to Watch How to Train Your Dragon: A Comprehensive Guide


Are you a fan of the How to Train Your Dragon movies but unsure where to watch them? With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide where to view your favorite dragon-riding adventures. Luckily, this comprehensive guide will explore the many ways to watch How to Train Your Dragon, from streaming services to watch parties.

Streaming Services Offering How to Train Your Dragon

If you’re looking to stream How to Train Your Dragon, many popular services are available, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. Each offers different subscription costs and features, so it’s essential to compare and find the best fit for your needs. For instance, Netflix and Amazon Prime offer all three films, while Hulu provides the second and third. In contrast, HBO Max gives you the first and second movies.

To make your viewing experience even better, some services, such as Netflix, offer 4k Ultra High Definition streaming and also support HDR10 for those who have compatible devices.

Our recommendation for the best choice is Netflix, considering its vast variety of titles, including the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy.

Where to See the Movies in Theaters

If you’re a fan of the cinema, seeing the How to Train Your Dragon movies in theaters can be a real treat. With Dolby Atmos sound, reclining chairs, and a massive screen, the experience is unbeatable.

Check your local theater listings to see if they’re showing any How to Train Your Dragon events, such as double or triple features, or even special screenings where you can see the movie with the director and crew.

Our recommendation for viewers who prefer the cinematic experience is to see the movies on the big screen at an IMAX or other premium theater.

DVD and Blu-ray Releases

If you prefer the convenience of owning physical copies of the How to Train Your Dragon movies, there are different DVD and Blu-ray options available. The options range from basic versions with only the movie to combo sets with digital copies, bonus features, and even fun extras like dragon toys. Target and Walmart have special editions with bonus content for each movie, and Best Buy has 4k Ultra HD versions for those with compatible TVs.

Our recommendation for those who prefer physical copies is to purchase the three-movie combo set from Best Buy to obtain the whole trilogy, bonuses included.

Watch Parties

If you want to enjoy the movies with friends or family, hosting or attending a watch party is a great idea. You can find a public event in your community or create your own by inviting people over and making it a themed party, complete with costumes, decorations, and snacks.

Movie theaters sometimes host events where you can watch movies with your friends, and some offer party rooms where you can bring your food and complete the experience with all the trimmings.

Our recommendation is to create your watch party, as it allows you to control the screening environment, and you can customize your party according to your preferences.

Online Forums for Watching Movies

Online forums and communities are great places to connect with other fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movies. Whether you want to discuss your favorite scenes, share your own fan art, or find new theories about the films, you can find a welcoming community online. Virtual movie-watching parties are a new way to watch How to Train Your Dragon movies with other people, even if you’re in different parts of the world.

Our recommendation is to check the official How to Train Your Dragon website or social media pages to stay connected with other fans and discover new movie-related content.

Best Practices for Watching at Home

If you’re planning on watching the movies at home, it’s essential to create an optimal viewing environment. This means making sure your screen is big enough, your sound is set to an appropriate level, and any distractions are kept to a minimum.

You can even go further by building a home theater system with surround sound and a large screen projector. This level of investment in your home entertainment setup will contribute to an almost cinematic experience.

Our recommendation is to make sure you are comfortable, and have all the popcorn and snacks you need to enjoy the movie fully.


Now that you know all of your options for watching the How to Train Your Dragon movies, you can find the one that best suits your preferences. From streaming services to in-person events, DVD and Blu-ray options to virtual parties, you can enjoy the dragon-riding adventures in many different ways.

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