When is National CBD Day: A Guide to Celebrating and Understanding CBD Products


As more and more people discover the benefits of CBD, the demand for this natural remedy continues to grow. To celebrate the many benefits of CBD products, National CBD Day has been initiated, which takes place on August 8th every year. This day brings people together from all over the world and gives them a chance to appreciate the unique value of CBD.

In this article, we will explore the different elements of National CBD Day including its history, celebration, and associated benefits of the incredible compound, while also educating people about the risks and how to use it safely.

Mark Your Calendars: National CBD Day is Here!
Mark Your Calendars: National CBD Day is Here!

Mark Your Calendars: National CBD Day is Here!

August 8th is celebrated as National CBD Day throughout the world. While the day hasn’t been recognized for an extended period, it stands as a reminder to all CBD lovers out there. It’s a day entrenched in the history of the compound and serves as a collective moment of appreciation.

Celebrated for the first time back in 2018, National CBD Day has helped people realise the importance and value of this natural remedy. There’s no denying that CBD has become a prominent ingredient in the wellness industry and has helped millions of people solve many health problems.

This day not only encourages people to use and appreciate CBD products, it reminds users of the potential health benefits while providing a healthy environment for everyone to be part of.

Importance of Celebrating National CBD Day

CBD has become a game-changer in the health industry. The wellness industry has seen a massive change in direction thanks to CBD products which have revolutionized how people view healthcare remedies.

Scientists and researchers have praised the rising natural alternative in controlling a wide array of health issues. With CBD crushing the financial success of many other traditional health remedies, there’s no doubt that National CBD Day is vital.

Ways to get involved in National CBD Day celebrations

There are a variety of ways that people can become part of National CBD Day, celebrate this fantastic compound, and appreciate its role in the health industry.

Getting involved could include trying out new CBD brands, attending an event, or even throwing a CBD-infused party. Whatever the method of celebrating, the goal of the day is to bring people together to appreciate the significance of CBD. Following the right precautions and advice is important in ensuring safe celebrations and use of products.

Celebrating National CBD Day: Understanding the Benefits and Risks

While celebrating the incredible power of CBD, it’s essential to keep in mind that CBD products are not without potential risks. However, these risks should not hinder us from benefiting from its many benefits.

Benefits of CBD Products

CBD boasts a range of benefits that have been studied over the years. It has been found to have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety effects. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, regulating various physiological and cognitive processes such as pain perception and mood.

One of the biggest investments in CBD involves reducing anxiety-driven behavior. Whether taken orally or applied topically, CBD can significantly improve health matters such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other health issues.

Risks and potential side-effects of using CBD products

Though CBD contains numerous benefits, it can still have side effects, with the potential to cause harm if not taken in the right amount. Research has concluded that while CBD is typically safe, every person is different, and some may experience an adverse reaction to the compound. Side effects include nausea, drowsiness, irritability, and fatigue.

How to celebrate National CBD Day in a safe and responsible way

If you want to enjoy National CBD Day, you should use CBD products in the right way and ensure that you comply with the appropriate dosage levels. This includes consulting a medical professional and researching the right product. Safe and responsible use of CBD products should be our number one priority.

10 Ways to Celebrate National CBD Day
10 Ways to Celebrate National CBD Day

10 Ways to Celebrate National CBD Day

Trying out a new CBD brand

National CBD Day is an excellent time to experiment with different brands of CBD products that people have not used in the past. Trying out different CBD brands will give you the opportunity to explore the wide variety of products they offer.

Attending a CBD-related event

Events organized worldwide to celebrate National CBD day provides great ways to connect with other CBD enthusiasts, be informed on new CBD products, and connect with sellers to access the highest quality brands of CBD.

Throwing a CBD-infused party

It’s time to break out the CBD-infused snacks and create a fun way to celebrate the day. Hosting a party is an amazing way you can enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD with friends and family. From CBD-infused food and drinks or possibly games, there’s no limit to the ways to organize your CBD-infused party.

Other creative ways to celebrate National CBD Day

Another way to celebrate would be to visit an organization that researches CBD products and their benefits or volunteer with a group that focuses on creating awareness on the benefits of CBD products.

The History of National CBD Day: How it Started and Why it Matters

Background on the creation of National CBD Day

The history of this national holiday dates back to 2018 when the founder and CEO of cbdMD, Scott Coffman, saw people’s growing interest in CBD. He saw this as an opportunity to create awareness and appreciation of a compound that had helped many people overcome various health issues.

Scott Coffman believed that CBD products should be celebrated, and eventually, National CBD Day became a reality. Since then, it’s a day that aims to bring together people from all backgrounds, gender, and race to appreciate the power of CBD and its benefits publicly.

How it has evolved over time

National CBD Day has taken a whole new level since its inception in 2018. Since then, the day has seen so much global recognition and participation, making it an annual time of reflection on the benefits of CBD products. More organizations have emerged, and the variety of CBD products has grown drastically, signaling a promising future for CBD enthusiasts. 

Importance of Celebrating National CBD Day

The importance of celebrating National CBD Day cannot be over-emphasized. CBD has become an essential alternative to conventional medical solutions and has attracted a worldwide audience. The day provides a useful way to educate the public about CBD while also celebrating its many benefits.

CBD vs THC: A Comparative Analysis on National CBD Day
CBD vs THC: A Comparative Analysis on National CBD Day

CBD vs THC: A Comparative Analysis on National CBD Day

Explanation of the differences between CBD and THC

One of the most significant challenges in the cannabis industry revolves around the difference between CBD and THC, which are the two most popular compounds derived from the cannabis plant. THC is psychoactive and will get you ‘high’ if not taken correctly, while CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce a mind-altering effect. These compounds have unique properties that have brought attention to their many benefits.

Comparison of the benefits and risks of CBD and THC

CBD and THC both come with their risks and benefits. THC is known for its psychoactive properties and many health benefits, while CBD contains less harsh side effects and does not produce a ‘high.’ THC offers benefits such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, and helps with glaucoma. However, it also comes with its downsides, such as anxiety, paranoia, and addiction. CBD also has valuable benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anxiety reduction, to mention a few, with very mild side-effects.

Reasoning for celebrating CBD specifically on National CBD Day

Despite the potential benefits of THC, CBD has become the essential alternative to medical solutions and is the main compound recognized in the wellness industry. National CBD Day celebrates CBD specifically to acknowledge its role and appreciate the benefits it delivers. It’s a day that brings people together to recognize the high value CBD products provide in the wellness industry and its potential to bring more benefits to people around the world.


By now, you’ve become aware of the importance of National CBD Day, which was created to raise awareness of the numerous benefits associated with using CBD products. You now have a better understanding of the benefits of CBD products and the risks involved if not taken safely.

Whether you plan to try out a new CBD brand, attend a CBD-related event, or throw a CBD-infused party, National CBD Day presents an excellent opportunity to celebrate the unique benefits of CBD products. It’s important to remember, above all, to celebrate CBD in a safe and responsible way.

Finally, it’s important to note that CBD products are not a substitute for professional medical advice, and one should always consult their doctor when using CBD products. However, we hope this article has provided valuable insights into celebrating National CBD Day and understanding the depths of CBD products.

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