What Year is Stranger Things Season 4 Set in?: Exploring the Era of the Hawkins Gang


As one of the most popular shows in recent years, Stranger Things has captured audiences with its mix of sci-fi, horror, and nostalgia. But with each new season comes a new era, and fans are eager to know what time period the next installment will be set in. This article aims to explore the era of Stranger Things season 4.

First, a brief recap of the previous seasons and the purpose of this article. Stranger Things first premiered in 2016, with subsequent seasons taking place in 1984 and 1985 respectively. The show has yet to confirm the exact year of season 4, leaving fans to speculate. The purpose of this article is to offer insights into the speculated era of Stranger Things season 4 and what it could mean for the show.

The Timeline of Stranger Things 4: What Year Will the Hawkins Gang Find Themselves in?

The timeline of Stranger Things can be confusing, with time jumps and parallel universes. However, all three previous seasons are set in the 1980s, with season 1 commencing in 1983, season 2 in 1984, and season 3 in 1985.

As for Stranger Things season 4, the show has remained tight-lipped, leaving fans to speculate. However, a teaser trailer released in February 2020 showed the logo of the show in red, with a clock striking midnight. This has led many fans to assume that season 4 will be set in 1986.

A Complete Guide to the Era of Stranger Things Season 4

If the speculation is true, and Stranger Things season 4 is set in 1986, what can we expect from this era? The mid-1980s was a time of significant change in the US, with the Challenger disaster, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and the Reagan administration.

On a more cultural level, the mid-80s saw the rise of MTV and music videos, as well as the emergence of hip hop and pop music. Fashion-wise, shoulder pads were in, as were acid-wash jeans and neon colors. On a technological level, personal computers were starting to become common, and video game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) were also gaining popularity.

Compared to the previous seasons of Stranger Things, a shift in the cultural and technological landscape could provide an exciting new backdrop for the show.

What Year Does Stranger Things 4 Take Place? Here’s Your Answer!

While the show has yet to confirm the exact year of season 4, there have been some hints dropped. In an interview with IndieWire, show creators the Duffer brothers suggested that they wanted to “continue to push to the ’80s” but take inspiration from various decades.

Furthermore, leaked set photos have shown that the show is filming in a high school that has a banner for the graduating class of 1990. This has led some fans to speculate that season 4 could be set across multiple years, starting in 1986 and ending in 1990.

While not confirmed, the diverse timeline could be an exciting new direction for the show, allowing for a wider range of cultural and technological references.

The Nostalgic Setting of Stranger Things 4: Will it be the 80s Again?

While the setting of Stranger Things is not the only nostalgic aspect of the show, it certainly helps to add to the appeal. With previous seasons set in the 1980s, fans have come to love the references to the era, from the fashion to the music and technology.

If Stranger Things season 4 is set in 1986 or later, it will still offer a healthy dose of nostalgia, while also allowing for a new era to explore. But the question is, will it be the same kind of nostalgia that fans have come to love?

Step into the World of Stranger Things 4: A Year-by-Year Breakdown

If Stranger Things does decide to take a multi-year approach, what could we expect from each year?

Starting in 1986, the Hawkins gang could find themselves dealing with the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred in April of that year. From a technological perspective, the NES console had been released in 1985, but in 1986, the Sega Master system also hit the market, providing some competition.

As the years progress, 1987 could see references to the stock market crash in October, while 1988 could provide an opportunity to delve into the presidential election between George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis. By 1990, the Cold War would be in its final throes, providing another potentially fascinating backdrop.

The multi-year approach could offer some exciting insights into the cultural and technological changes in the US during this period, while also allowing for a more extended story arc.

Stranger Things 4: Is the New Setting a Step Into the Future or a Return to the Past?

While the era for Stranger Things season 4 is not confirmed, it is reasonable to assume that it will take place in the 1980s or 1990s. But what does this mean for the show’s themes?

It’s been suggested that the show has always been a nostalgic look back at the past, but the setting of season 4 could allow the Duffer brothers to explore the future as well. For example, show co-creator Matt Duffer has referenced Blade Runner as an influence, suggesting that season 4 could take inspiration from late-20th-century dystopian fiction.

This mix of future and past could provide an exciting new direction for the show, allowing it to explore themes of technology and social change in a way that it hasn’t before.

How the Setting of Stranger Things 4 Could Affect the Plot: A Look into Its Year

Whatever the era, the setting of Stranger Things season 4 is likely to play a significant role in the plot. But what could the specific year have to offer?

For example, if season 4 is set in 1986, the show could explore the impact of the Chernobyl disaster, in much the same way that season 3 explored Cold War tensions. Alternatively, a multi-year approach could allow for a gradual build-up of tension and a deeper exploration of the show’s characters as they age and grow.

Whatever the ultimate direction of the show, fans are undoubtedly excited to see how the era will inform the plot of season 4.


The era of Stranger Things season 4 is still shrouded in mystery, leaving fans to speculate about what’s to come. Whether it takes a multi-year approach or a more concentrated focus, the era is sure to have an impact on the plot and the themes of the show.

From the cultural references to technological advancements, the setting of Stranger Things has always been an essential aspect of its appeal, and season 4 looks set to continue this trend. Whatever the year, fans can’t wait to step back into the world of the Hawkins gang and experience the nostalgia and excitement once more.

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