UPS Access Point: Convenient Solution for Package Delivery

UPS Access Point: Convenient Solution for Package Delivery

Package delivery can cause a hassle for customers, especially those who are not at home at the time of delivery. Customers often struggle to be present at their homes to receive packages, causing missed deliveries and delayed packages. In recent times, online shopping has made this problem even more commonplace. To tackle this issue, UPS Access Point has emerged as a practical solution.

What is UPS Access Point?

UPS Access Point is a service offered by UPS, enabling users to receive and send their packages from convenient locations, by using a network of local shops. UPS Access Point delivers all types of packages with the same convenience and security of the UPS network. It allows users to select a location on their way to work or close to home, with extended and weekend hours.

UPS Access Point is available at thousands of locations around the world, including local shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, and gas stations. These locations act as designated pickup and drop-off locations for packages, meaning customers no longer have to stay home to wait for deliveries. Instead, they can pick them up from the nearest UPS Access Point location that best suits their schedule.

How UPS Access Point Works

To use the UPS Access Point service, users are required to sign up for a UPS My Choice account to divert their packages to a more convenient location instead of their personal address. Once registered, users will receive notifications via email or text to alert them when their package arrives at the selected UPS Access Point location.

Users can then pick up their packages at their selected location, by showing a valid photo ID. In addition to package pickup, the service also offers package drop off for those who wish to send a package without having to wait for their UPS driver at home. The service also offers a hold for pickup option, allowing users to schedule a pickup at their preferred UPS Access Point location at a time convenient for them.

Benefits of UPS Access Point

UPS Access Point presents various benefits to customers. Firstly, UPS Access Point provides convenient delivery without having to stay at home. It’s the ideal solution for customers looking to have their packages delivered to a specific location rather than their doorstep. Secondly, it offers extended delivery hours that work around the customers’ schedules, including evening and weekend options. This feature is especially useful for customers who work from 9 to 5 jobs.

Another benefit of UPS Access Point is increased security for customers who may have security concerns regarding their packages being delivered to their doorstep. The service offers a safe, secure delivery option as packages are not left unattended at front doors, reducing the likelihood of theft. Furthermore, the service increases the accountability of the package as it requires a valid photo ID for the package to be released, increasing security even further.

Finally, customers who shop online can benefit from this service the most. It’s common for many online shoppers to miss their deliveries due to the lack of availability to receive it. With many pickups locations available, shoppers can collect their package safely and reliably at their convenience.

What Sets UPS Access Point Apart

When comparing UPS Access Point to other package delivery and shipping options, this service stands out due to its flexibility and ease of use. Compared to conventional delivery services, it provides the convenience of picking up packages at a more accessible location at a time that suits the customer. Other delivery options often require customers to wait at home for hours to receive their packages with no other delivery alternative than their home address.

Case Studies

Many customers have used the UPS Access Point service and have been satisfied with its superior convenience and reliability. An example is an Amazon shopper who recently initiated a delivery to UPS Access Point upon checkout. The shopper was excited to pick it up on their way home after work, not having to worry about the package delivery arriving at an inconvenient time or being stolen. Other customers have stated that the service has allowed them to save time and energy, not having to wait around for delivery at their home.


To sum up, conventional package delivery services require users to be at home during specific hours to accept their packages. However, with UPS Access Point, customers no longer have to be present at their homes for delivery. The service allows for a convenient way to deliver and pick up packages at a location of your choice. Compared to other package delivery options, UPS Access Point stands out as a flexible and efficient solution.

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