Exploring the Philosophical Take on Life in George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’


George Harrison was not only a gifted musician but also a deep thinker. In his classic song ‘What Is Life,’ he poses one of the most profound questions that have concerned humans since time immemorial – the meaning and purpose of life. In this article, we will explore the philosophical take on life in George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’ and how its message continues to resonate with people today.

George Harrison was one of the members of the legendary band, the Beatles. He was known for his exceptional guitar skills and songwriting prowess. However, Harrison’s contribution to the Beatles’ music goes beyond his remarkable musical abilities. He brought in a more spiritual and philosophical element to their work. In his solo career, he continued to explore these themes, leading to the creation of the song ‘What Is Life.’

The question of the meaning and purpose of life has been a fundamental part of human existence. It is a question that has kept philosophers, theologians, and ordinary people like us engaged throughout history. Therefore, exploring George Harrison’s philosophical perspective through his song will enlighten us on how his thoughts on this topic still hold significance in our lives.

Exploring George Harrison’s Philosophical Take on the Meaning and Purpose of Life in his Classic Song ‘What Is Life’

The song ‘What Is Life’ was released in 1971 and was part of George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ album. As the title suggests, the song reflects on the universal question of the meaning and purpose of life. Harrison, who was a practicing Hindu, used his knowledge of Indian spirituality to delve deeper into his thoughts on this subject.

According to Harrison, the song was inspired by a particular phrase that his friend, Eric Clapton, had used during a conversation. The phrase was “What is life, and what is the use of it?” Harrison found this question to be a profound one that he had been pondering on for a while. The song was his attempt to explore this question in a more profound way.

Harrison’s personal philosophy on life was grounded in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu scripture. In this text, the central message is that the essence of life is love and that the ultimate goal of human existence is to attain a state of transcendence. Harrison was drawn to this philosophy and often incorporated it into his music. He believed that living a spiritually rich life was the key to fulfilling one’s purpose.

The relevance of ‘What Is Life’ in today’s society cannot be overstated. Despite the song being over 50 years old, its lyrics are still applicable and resonate with many people living in the 21st century. The song continues to be relevant because the question it poses remains unanswered, and humans continue to seek meaning and purpose in their lives.

George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’: A Deep Dive into the Lyrics and the Song’s Spiritual Significance

The song’s lyrics are simple yet profound. Harrison’s heartfelt delivery of the lyrics, coupled with the upbeat melody, makes it an incredibly uplifting song.

In the opening verse, Harrison sings, “What I feel, I can’t say, but my love is there for you any time of day.” These lines emphasize the importance of love and the role it plays in our lives. Harrison believed that love was the ultimate force that could help us find meaning and purpose in life.

The chorus of the song is the most memorable part, with Harrison asking, “What is life? I want to know what life is? I want you to show me.” In these lines, Harrison acknowledges that he does not have all the answers and seeks the help of others to gain a better understanding of life.

The song’s spiritual significance is evident in lines such as “Love is knowing we can be.” Here, Harrison highlights the importance of self-awareness and self-realization, which are fundamental tenets in many spiritual traditions.

Overall, the song’s melody and lyrics work together to create a deep sense of joyous, hopeful energy. This energy is what makes the song so remarkable and why it continues to speak to generations of listeners.

Finding the Answers to Life’s Most Profound Questions through George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’

The central message of ‘What Is Life’ is to encourage listeners to contemplate the bigger questions in life. Harrison invites us to explore our existence, the meaning of life, and what it means to be alive. He believed that finding answers to these questions could bring us greater fulfillment and happiness.

George Harrison’s perspective on finding the answers to life’s mysteries was rooted in spiritual practices such as meditation and self-reflection. He believed that by tapping into our spiritual side, we could gain insights into the nature of reality and the purpose of our existence. This perspective is still relevant today, where people are looking for deeper spiritual connections to find meaning in their lives.

The impact of the song on listeners’ personal journeys cannot be underestimated. Many people have found comfort and solace in the song’s lyrics and message. For some, it has been a source of inspiration to embark on a spiritual journey. For others, the song provides a new perspective on life and a newfound sense of purpose.

How George Harrison’s Concept of Life through ‘What Is Life’ Still Resonates with Today’s Generation

George Harrison’s concept of life, as explored through his song ‘What Is Life,’ still resonates with many people today. The song’s continued popularity is evidence of this fact. Modern listeners interpret the song in their way, but the underlying message remains the same – the search for meaning and purpose in life.

The relevance of the song has also been acknowledged in popular culture. Numerous films and TV shows have used the song, which speaks to its universal appeal. The song’s message of love and self-awareness remains timeless and continues to appeal to new audiences.

Harrison’s contribution to music was not only in his exceptional musical talent but also in his exploration of spirituality and philosophical themes. The impact of his work is still felt today, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of musicians and music lovers.

The Artistic Brilliance of George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’ and Its Importance Today

The song ‘What Is Life’ represents the pinnacle of George Harrison’s artistic brilliance. The song’s melody, lyrics, and message work together seamlessly to create a timeless piece of music that continues to inspire. The song’s joyous, uplifting energy and deep spiritual significance are a testament to the depth of Harrison’s artistic vision.

The song’s importance in today’s music scene cannot be overstated. The song’s message remains relevant and continues to inspire new generations of musicians. The song’s incorporation of spiritual and philosophical themes into mainstream music has influenced numerous artists and helped shape the landscape of popular music.

Harrison’s artistic legacy continues to inspire, and his work serves as a benchmark for artistic excellence. His contributions to the Beatles and his solo work remain timeless, and his music continues to touch people’s lives worldwide.

Decoding George Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’: The Song’s Spiritual and Personal Journey

The inspiration for the song came from a deep personal place for George Harrison. After the breakup of the Beatles, Harrison embarked on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. The song’s lyrics reflect this journey and Harrison’s quest to find meaning and purpose in life.

One of the most significant influences on Harrison’s spiritual journey was his association with the Hare Krishna movement. The movement’s teachings had a profound impact on his life, and this is evident in the song’s message of love and spirituality.

‘What Is Life’ was also influenced by Harrison’s personal experiences. The song’s lyrics reflect his realization that despite having fame, wealth, and success, he felt a sense of emptiness and lack of purpose in his life. The song represents his journey of self-discovery and the realization that love and spirituality were the keys to living a fulfilled life.


The song ‘What Is Life,’ written by George Harrison, invites us to reflect on the most profound questions of life. Through his music, Harrison crafted a message that continues to resonate with people today. His philosophy on life, grounded in spirituality and love, remains relevant and provides a new perspective on the search for meaning and purpose in life.

George Harrison’s artistic brilliance and exploration of philosophical and spiritual themes have left a lasting impact on music and should continue inspiring future generations.

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