Exploring the Dark Side of Twitch: Negative Impacts, Exploitation and Unfairness

From mental health impact to financial exploitation, and unfairness and toxicity surrounding Twitch’s content policies and communities, this article explores the potential dark side of the popular live streaming platform, and suggests ways in which we can support positive change for a better and safer Twitch experience for all.

Why Did Twitch Die of Depression? Exploring Mental Health Crisis Among Streamers

Twitch’s failure to address its growing depression crisis has led to burnout and exhaustion among its creators. This article explores the platform’s struggle with mental health, its causes and impact on creators, and why Twitch must take actions to create a supportive culture and provide mental health resources to foster a healthier community.

Which Social Media Platform Pays the Most in 2022: Breaking Down the Earnings Potential

Discover the top social media platforms that pay real money in 2022 and learn how to maximize earnings through different strategies and methods. Explore how factors like audience, niche, and content impact earning potential and gain valuable insights from influencer interviews.

Why Did Jidion Get Banned from Twitch? Exploring the Violation, Consequences, and Lessons Learned

Learn why Jidion, a popular Twitch streamer, got banned from the platform and the significance of Twitch’s strict enforcement of content rules in promoting a safe and inclusive community. Details Twitch’s procedures for investigating and enforcing rules and offers advice on how to avoid bans. Discusses the importance of accountability and online responsibility, and compares Twitch’s policies to those of other streaming platforms.

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