Xenophobia: Understanding, Effects, History, and Action

This article talks about xenophobia, its definition, psychological underpinnings, and negative effects on individuals and society. It also explores how stereotypes are perpetuated in the media and its history. Additionally, several actionable steps are discussed to combat it. By understanding the link between xenophobia and racism and the importance of empowerment of respective communities, the article suggests that through the collective effort we could build more accepting communities.

Why Can’t White People Say the N-Word? Understanding the Harm Behind the Term

This article discusses the controversial nature of the n-word and why it cannot be used by white people. It highlights specific historical instances that showcase how white people have used the term to perpetuate racism and highlights its impact on modern-day society, history, and lingering psychological impact on Black Americans.

The Untold Story of Tyre Nichols: Why He Had To Run

This article explores the life of Tyre Nichols and his decision to run away from his home and job in Alabama. The article examines the circumstances that led Tyre to make this decision and places it in the broader context of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. The article also analyzes the power of protest and the effectiveness of Tyre’s decision to run as a means of protest against institutionalized racism and inequality.

The Noose: Examining Its Symbolism and Cultural Significance

Exploring the meaning and symbolism of the noose in contemporary America, this article examines its history, cultural significance, and the ways in which communities are working to address its painful legacy. From social justice movements to community-led initiatives, learn about the power of the noose to inspire both terror and change.

Why Do People Hate Meghan Markle? Exploring Racism, Sexism, and Celeb Backlash

This article explores the reasons behind Meghan Markle’s unfavorable reception, including the role of racism and sexism, media portrayals, and the psychological aspects of turning on celebrities. It also compares Markle’s situation with other high-profile women and discusses the impact of the Royal Family’s response. Finally, it examines why Markle’s story resonates with so many people and suggests ways to address the problem.

What is Systemic Racism: Understanding, Explaining, and Combatting It

This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding, explaining, and combatting systemic racism. It explores the definition and contextualization of systemic racism, its impact, roots, and effects on marginalized communities, ways to combat it, and its impact on current events. The article calls for readers to take action and fight systemic racism in society.

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