What is ACO? An Essential Guide to Understanding Accountable Care Organizations

This article provides an in-depth analysis of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), their objectives, value-based care, and their impact on patient outcomes and healthcare costs. We also discuss the differences between ACO and HMO, real-world examples of successful ACOs, eligibility requirements for the CMS Shared Savings Program, and anticipate future opportunities and challenges in ACOs.

The Ultimate Guide to OPPS in Healthcare: An Overview

Learn about the complexities and importance of OPPS in healthcare. Explore Medicare’s outpatient payment system and its impact on hospitals and patients. Discover the history of OPPS, its evolution in healthcare, and the difference between OPPS and APCs. Find out how hospitals and providers can navigate the complexities of OPPS reimbursement, and why it matters for Medicare beneficiaries.

Does Medicare Cover CBD Oil? A Comprehensive Guide

Many Americans depend on alternative treatments like CBD oil, but is it covered by Medicare? This article explores the topic and answers frequently asked questions, including the history of Medicare coverage for alternative treatments and the legalities of CBD oil. We examine both sides of the debate over Medicare coverage for CBD oil, weighing the benefits and limitations of treating the medication. Lastly, we provide a step-by-step guide to understanding CBD oil and Medicare coverage.

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