Which Political Party Are You Quiz: Finding Your Political Home

Discover which political party aligns with your beliefs by taking our quiz. Learn the differences between left and right and what they mean for your political ideology and voting. Demystify political labels and gain insight into your political beliefs with a fun and accessible quiz.

Understanding the Root Cause: Why Did North Korea Invade South Korea

Understanding the root cause of the Korean War – this article explores why North Korea invaded South Korea, looking at political, ideological, and external factors that contributed to the conflict. The article also examines the human cost of the invasion and how it shaped the political and economic development of the Koreas post-war.

Understanding Ideology: Its Definition, Relevance, and Impact on Society

This article explores the definition, relevance, and impact of ideology on society. It discusses the different manifestations of ideologies, their role in shaping political and social orders, and their historical and contemporary impact on policy-making and identity politics. It also reflects on the dangers of ideological extremism and the need to balance ideology with pragmatism.

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