How to Get Tested for Autism: A Step-by-Step Guide to Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Learn how to get tested for autism- finding the right diagnostic tests & specialists, and navigating the diagnosis process. Discover the benefits of early autism diagnosis and steps to take afterwards. Get tips on how to cope with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and support available for individuals with autism.

How to Get Tested for ADHD: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis of ADHD can lead to access to appropriate treatments and accommodations, improved self-awareness and understanding, and avoidance of misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. This comprehensive guide explores the process of ADHD testing and the various tests involved, includes personal stories and tips for preparing for evaluation, and debunks common myths and misconceptions about the disorder.

How to Know if You Have ADHD: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Coping Strategies, Medication and Behavioral Therapy Options, Lifestyle Changes, and Support Systems

Learn how to identify ADHD symptoms, diagnosis and testing, coping strategies, medication and behavioral therapy options, lifestyle changes, and support systems available to those with ADHD. Seek professional help for proper diagnosis and management and find the best treatment plan for each individual’s needs.

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