The Journey of Blood: Exploring the Vessel that Carries Blood Away from the Heart

This article explores the vessel that carries blood away from the heart. It provides an overview of the circulatory system, the basic anatomy of arteries and veins, and the role of capillaries in blood flow. The article also addresses common misconceptions about blood flow and prevention of heart disease through healthy lifestyle choices.

The Science of Facial Health: Understanding the Arteries that Supply Blood to the Face, Head, and Neck

Learn about the arteries that supply blood to the face, head, and neck and their importance in maintaining overall facial health. Discover the role of different arteries and how they contribute to proper blood flow and nutrition to these areas. Tips and advice are provided for maintaining healthy arteries for facial, head, and neck health.

Why Arteries Should Be Considered an Organ: A New Understanding of Vascular Function

This article explores why arteries should be redefined as organs based on their vital functions in the circulatory system. It includes an overview of the definition of an organ, historical and current classification of arteries, their functions, and insights from experts, along with the implications of including arteries as organs in medical research and treatment.

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