Why Do Airlines Overbook Flights? Understanding the Practice and Consequences

This article explores the practice of overbooking flights, its benefits and drawbacks, the challenges it poses, and the regulatory mechanisms designed to manage it. We discuss the perspectives of passengers and employees, alternatives to overbooking, and provide recommendations for passengers on how to deal with overbooking-related inconveniences.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Fly Alone? Your Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel for Kids

In this practical guide, parents can learn about the age requirements and necessary steps for letting children fly alone, and the pros and cons they should weigh. Safety tips, cultural differences, examples, and insights from professionals are given, among other important questions to consider.

A Comprehensive Guide to Airlines with Strict Mask-Wearing Policies

This article provides a comprehensive guide to which airlines require masks and how to stay safe while flying amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers the top airlines with strict mask-wearing policies, provides tips for passengers, explores mask policies of popular airlines, and examines the reasons why some airlines require masks while others do not.

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