How to Use Boob Tape: A Step-by-Step Guide for Perfect Support and Style


Boob tape, also known as fashion tape or body tape, is a must-have accessory for any woman’s wardrobe. It’s a double-sided adhesive tape that allows you to wear low-cut and backless outfits without worrying about nip slips or visible bra straps. Boob tape is also great for providing support and shaping your breasts for a more flattering look. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use boob tape, different types available, outfit solutions, common mistakes to avoid, and styling tips. Whether you’re new to boob tape or looking for some expert advice, you’ve come to the right place.

Step-by-step guide

Preparing the skin

Before using boob tape, it’s crucial to ensure that your skin is clean, dry, and free of any lotion or oil. Start by washing your chest area thoroughly and then drying it with a towel. Avoid using any deodorants, powders, or perfumes as they can affect the adhesive of the tape. It’s recommended to use powders specifically designed to cover sweat areas and keep your skin dry.

Applying the tape properly

When applying the tape, start by cutting it into the desired length or shape. It’s recommended to use scissors to avoid any uneven cutting. Place one end of the tape on the outer side of your breast and gently lift it as you stick it to your skin. Make sure to hold your breast in the desired position and press the tape firmly to make it stick. If you’re using roll tape, you can cut a small piece, twist it, and then apply it to the skin. Repeat the process on the other breast as needed. Boob tapes can generally be used four to six hours depending on the quality of the product and your skin type composition.

Removing the tape without pain

Removing boob tape can be a daunting task, but there’s no need to worry. Start by peeling a corner of the tape and then fold it over until it’s fully removed. It’s essential to use a generous amount of moisturizer or oil to loosen the adhesive. Avoid pulling the tape off quickly as it can cause pain, damage the skin, and leave residue. If you’re experiencing discomfort, use a warm compress to loosen the tape first.

Different types of boob tape


Boob tape strips come in a pre-cut shape and size perfect for sticking to your skin and providing ultimate support. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to waste time cutting and measuring the tape. Boob tape strips come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits the area you want to cover.


As the name suggests, boob tape rolls come in a long roll of tape that you can easily cut into the desired length and shape. They’re perfect for those who want more customization and have unique clothing styles. Roll tapes provide more flexibility and are ideal for creating wider gaps needed for dresses with deep necks or backless styles.

Pre-cut shapes

Pre-cut shape tapes provide easy versatility to fit all body types. The shapes are usually heart-shaped, round, or teardrop and can be used for extra maneuverability with necklines that vary in depth, width, and shape.

Which type is best for different body types and clothing styles?

The type of boob tape you choose will ultimately depend on your body type and clothing style, as well as the level of support and coverage you require. Pre-cut tapes are great for beginners, while tapes rolls provide more flexibility for unique clothing styles and body shapes. Overall, it’s best to experiment with different types to see which one works best for you.

Outfit solutions

Boob tape is not just for low-cut and backless outfits. It’s also an excellent solution for other wardrobe challenges, such as preventing gaping from button-down shirts, securing straps in place, and even hemming pants. With boob tape, you can say goodbye to fashion mishaps and hello to effortless style.

Using boob tape to solve wardrobe challenges

If you struggle with shirts that gap between the buttons, cut a small piece of boob tape and apply it between the buttons. This will prevent the dreaded peekaboo. For outfits with straps that constantly slip, apply a small strip of tape to the underside of the strap, then onto your skin. This will keep the straps in place without the need for a bra. To solve the problem of pants that are too long, use boob tape to hem them up. You’ll have a clean and seamless finish without the need for alterations.

Tailoring the article to specific outfits or situations

Boob tape can be tailored to fit specific outfits and situations. For example, if you’re wearing a backless dress, cut the tape into a ‘U’ shape and apply it around the sides of your breasts, connecting them underneath your back. This will create a more lifted and supported look. Another example is if you’re wearing a low-cut dress, cut the tape into small strips and apply it to the skin around the cleavage area. This will provide coverage and support, avoiding any embarrassing moments.

Mistakes to avoid

Common errors when using boob tape

Using boob tape can be intimidating, and it’s easy to make mistakes. The most common errors when using boob tape are not preparing the skin properly, applying too much or too little tape, and removing the tape too quickly. Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to achieve the best results with boob tape.

How to avoid them

To prevent mistakes, follow the steps outlined above on preparing the skin and applying the tape correctly. Always follow the instructions included with your chosen product. When removing the tape, take your time and use a generous amount of oil or moisturizer. Finally, don’t forget that boob tape is meant to be an aid, not a replacement for a bra. Boob tape is not recommended for continuous use or heavy breasts.

Boob tape styling tips

Different techniques to achieve different looks

Using boob tape can create different looks depending on the techniques used. For example, if you want to create a lifted look, cut the tape into short strips and apply them vertically to the bottom of your breasts, lifting them at an angle towards your shoulder. To create a natural look, cut the tape into wider strips and apply them horizontally across the breast, then gently press and lift from the outer corners. This technique will create a smooth and natural shape. Experimenting with different styles will allow you to find the perfect technique and look for any outfit.

Creating a lifted look or a more natural shape

The key to creating a lifted look is to use smaller tape strips and angle then upwards. To make your breasts look more natural, go for longer strips that sit horizontally over your bust. Ensure that you press the tape firmly to create a smooth finish. Use scissors to cut the tape into the required shapes, and avoid stretching the tape as this will cause wrinkles.

Using boob tape for athletics

How it can be helpful for high-impact physical activity

Boob tape is not just for fashion but can also support high-impact physical activity. Boob tape can provide additional support and prevent bouncing and discomfort while exercising. It’s also great for athletes who suffer from sweat-related issues and are looking for a solution that will prevent friction. By using boob tape, you can participate in vigorous physical activity without worrying about your breasts.

Preventing bouncing, supporting breasts, and avoiding sweat-related issues

To ensure the most support when wearing boob tape during exercise, go for wider strips that cover a larger surface area. Avoid using too much tape, as this can lead to irritation. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol or an oil-free soap and leave it to dry before applying the tape. To prevent sweat-related issues, use a tap specifically designed for sports, such as sweat tape or kinesiology tape, that allows your skin to breathe. Remember to change the tape every four hours to prevent sweat accumulation and ensure maximum support.

Considerations for plus-size individuals

Unique challenges they may face when using boob tape

Plus-size individuals may face unique challenges when using boob tape, such as finding the right type of tape that provides sufficient support and coverage. They may also struggle to find the right shape or size for their breasts. Plus-size individuals may also experience additional sweating that can loosen the adhesive.

Tips and tricks for making it work

To make boob tape work for plus-size individuals, make sure to select a tape made from a high-quality adhesive that provides sufficient support and coverage. Look for boob tape with wider strips or rolls that can provide additional coverage for larger breasts. Before applying the tape, ensure your skin is dry and free of sweat and use a powder to prevent sweating. Plus-size individuals should also consider using a bra or a strapless bra for extra support.


Boob tape is an essential accessory for any woman’s wardrobe, providing support, shaping, and allowing for various outfit solutions. In this article, we provided a step-by-step guide on how to use boob tape, different types available, outfit solutions, common mistakes to avoid, and styling tips. We hope this article has been helpful and informative, allowing you to achieve the perfect look and comfort with boob tape.

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