How to Summon Your Horse in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re an Elden Ring player, you know how important horses are. Not only are they a fast and convenient mode of transportation, but they can also help you in battles and make exploring the vast open world a lot easier. In this article, we will guide you on how to summon a horse in Elden Ring – an essential skill for all players to learn.

7 Easy Steps to Summon a Horse in Elden Ring

Summoning a horse in Elden Ring is a simple process that requires certain skills and a bit of practice. Follow these seven easy steps to summon your horse.

Step 1: Find and Equip a Call to Arms Skill

Before you can summon a horse, you need to equip the Call to Arms skill. The skill is available from the very beginning of the game, but if you haven’t picked it up yet, you can find it in various locations, including camps, ruins, and hideouts. The skill is not limited to summoning horses but can also bring forth other creatures to aid you in battle.

Step 2: Locate a Horse Emblem

Look around for a Horse Emblem when you are ready to call your horse. Horse Emblems are signified with a horse icon, and they can be found all over the game world. Some are located near specific locations, while others can be found in the wilderness. When you locate a horse emblem, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Click and Hold the Call to Arms Button

To summon a horse, press the Call to Arms button, which is assigned to a designated button or key by default. Hold the button once to initiate the summoning process. A green circle will appear around the player.

Step 4: Aim at the Horse Emblem

While holding the Call to Arms button, aim at the Horse Emblem with the designated cursor. The circular reticle will turn red to indicate it is in range.

Step 5: Release the Call to Arms Button

Release the Call to Arms button to complete the summoning process. A glowing circle will appear around the Horse Emblem as the horse makes its way towards you.

Step 6: Wait for the Horse to Appear

Once the horse has been summoned, it will take a few seconds to appear. Be patient and wait for the horse to arrive.

Step 7: Mount and Ride the Horse

Once the horse is within reach, approach it, and interact with it. You can now mount the horse and ride it.

The Magic Behind Summoning Horses in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

Summoning horses in Elden Ring may seem like magic, but it’s not. It’s just a game mechanic you need to learn. Here’s what you need to know to master the art of summoning horses in Elden Ring.

Overview of Horse Summoning Mechanics

Summoning horses in Elden Ring relies on the Call to Arms skill. Other than that, no other special equipment or materials are required. Once the skill is equipped, you can summon horses by locating Horse Emblems and summoning them.

Understanding the Equine Dimension

Not all horses in Elden Ring are equal. Different horses come with different abilities and stats. For instance, some are faster, while others have more health. It is essential to consider these stats when summoning a horse.

How the Call to Arms Skill Works

The Call to Arms skill summons creatures to aid the player. When used to summon a horse, the player is granted a temporary mount, which can aid them in travel and combat. The skill has a cooldown period, so use it wisely.

How Horse Emblems Work

Horse Emblems are scattered throughout the game world. They can be found in the wild, at camps, and near significant locations. Once you locate a Horse Emblem, you can use the Call to Arms skill to summon a horse. Horse Emblems are not limited to one use; you can use them repeatedly.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Always remember to keep an eye out for Horse Emblems. Horses also have their abilities, so be sure to check their stats before summoning them. Always make a quick save before attempting to summon a horse, to avoid losing progress when things go south.

Master the Art of Calling Upon Your Trusty Steed in Elden Ring

Summoning horses in Elden Ring is straightforward, but mastering the skill can take some practice. Here are some tips to help you refine your horse summoning skills.

The Importance of Practice

The more you practice summoning horses, the better you get at it. So don’t hesitate to practice till you get it right. Remember that holding down the Call to Arms button for too long will waste your skill, so practice until you can execute the skill with precision.

Refining Your Aim and Timing

The horse emblem may be challenging to locate, but with practice, you can refine your aim and timing to achieve the perfect summon. Practice aiming and pressing the Call to Arms button until your timing is correct.

Incorporating Horse Summoning in Strategy

Summoning horses in Elden Ring can make the difference between victory and defeat in battles. So try to master incorporating horse summoning into your gameplay strategy. Use them to gain an advantage in battles, or quickly traverse vast landscapes.

Tips for Mastery

Remember to upgrade your Call to Arms skill when possible. This allows you to summon more potent creatures, such as griffins and dragons. Additionally, make sure to carry alternate skill sets, depending on the mission or battle. Lastly, focus on building stamina, which determines the length of time a summoned horse can stay before it disappears.

Summoning Horses in Elden Ring: Tips and Tricks for Success

The following tips can be used to improve your horse summoning success:

Always Carry the Call to Arms Skill

Make sure to equip the Call to Arms skill and keep it with you at all times to quickly summon a horse when needed.

Keep an Eye Out for Horse Emblems

Horse Emblems can be found anywhere in the game world, so be sure to explore and check often.

Be Prepared for Different Terrain

Summoning horses in different terrains can have varying results. For instance, summoning a horse in rocky terrain or mountains can cause it to get stuck or fall. Preparing for different terrain will reduce the chances of failure.

Make Use of Your Horse’s Abilities

Horses have different abilities that can help the player in various ways, such as helping you fight with your sword. So always be mindful of your horse’s abilities when summoning.

Upgrade Your Call to Arms Skill

The higher your Call to Arms skill level, the stronger the creatures you can summon. So make sure to upgrade it when possible to summon more potent steeds.

Unleash the Power of the Horse Summoning Ritual in Elden Ring

There’s a special connection between a horse and its rider, which you’ll come to appreciate even more when you summon a horse in Elden Ring. Here are some final thoughts on the power of summoning horses in Elden Ring.

Appreciating the Connection Between Horse and Rider

There’s a special bond between a horse and its rider that is hard to explain. When you summon a horse, you’ll experience that bond and feel more connected to the game world.

Understanding the Magic of Summoning

While the mechanics behind summoning horses may not be magic, there’s still something magical about calling a horse to your side to aid you in your journey, battles, and explorations.

Achieving the Perfect Horse Summoning Experience

The perfect horse summoning experience involves everything coming together flawlessly. The thrill of making the perfect summon and effortlessly riding your horse to your destination, or into battle, is an excellent experience unparalleled in the world of the game.


Summoning a horse in Elden Ring may seem daunting at first, but it’s a skill that’s easy to master with practice. By following the seven easy steps above and incorporating the tips and tricks discussed in this article, you’ll be able to call forth your trusty steed with confidence, precision and ride your way through Elden Ring’s vast and wondrous landscape. Practice regularly, keep exploring the game world, and with time and dedication, you’ll master the art of summoning horses in Elden Ring.

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