How to Use Strikethrough in Google Docs: A Comprehensive Guide

I. Introduction

Google Docs is a popular word processing tool that offers numerous features to help users edit and format their documents. One of those formatting options is strikethrough. Strikethrough is a formatting tool that allows users to indicate that some of the text in the document has been crossed out. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to apply strikethrough formatting in Google Docs. Additionally, we will discuss use cases, best practices, and alternatives for applying strikethrough formatting.

II. Step-by-Step Guide

Applying strikethrough formatting in Google Docs is an easy process. Follow these simple steps to add strikethrough formatting to your document:

1. Select the text that you want to apply strikethrough formatting to in the document.

2. Click on the Format menu, located at the top of the screen.

3. From the drop-down menu, select the “Text” option.

4. Hover your mouse over the “Strikethrough” option in the list of text formatting options.

5. Click on the “Strikethrough” option to apply it to the selected text.

6. The selected text will now display with a line through the middle.

It is crucial to note that strikethrough formatting only applies to the selected text. If you want to apply strikethrough formatting to a complete sentence or a paragraph, you will have to select the entire text before applying the strikethrough Ooption.

Here’s an annotated screenshot to help you locate the Strikethrough formatting option in Google Docs:

Google Docs Screenshot

III. Video Tutorial

Sometimes, it can be challenging to follow a step-by-step guide. That’s where video tutorials come in handy. In this section, we will provide a visual tutorial using video footage that demonstrates the process of adding strikethrough formatting in Google Docs.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to strike through in google docs:

IV. Shortcuts

Shortcuts can make the formatting process much more convenient and faster. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that you can use to apply strikethrough formatting in Google Docs:

Windows: To strikethrough text on Google Docs using a keyboard shortcut, highlight the text you want to strikethrough and press Alt+Shift+5.

Mac: To strikethrough text on Google Docs using a keyboard shortcut, highlight the text you want to strikethrough and press Command+Shift+X.

Aside from strikethrough formatting, here are some other useful keyboard shortcuts that can make your editing process faster:

  • CTRL+B: Bold text
  • CTRL+I: Italic text
  • CTRL+U: Underline text
  • CTRL+Z: Undo last action
  • CTRL+Y: Redo last action

V. Use Cases

Strikethrough formatting is an excellent way to quickly and easily show deletions or changes in text. Here are a few common ways strikethrough formatting can be used:

1. Editing Documents: Strikethrough formatting is commonly used when editing a document. It helps to indicate removed or revised text while retaining the original text for reference.

2. Task Management: Strikethrough formatting can be used in checklists or to-do lists to indicate completed or canceled tasks. This helps users keep track of what they’ve accomplished and what still needs to be done.

3. Pricing: Strikethrough formatting is widely used in e-commerce websites where they show the actual price of a product and then display the new discounted price below it with the original price crossed out.

VI. Alternatives

While Google docs offer strikethrough formating which is an excellent way to show changes in text. But here are a few alternative ways to achieve the same result:

1. Underline the text: In some cases, it might be more aesthetically pleasing to underline the text that has been removed instead of using strikethrough formatting. You can do this by highlighting the text you want to underline and selecting the underline formatting option.

2. Highlight the text: Another way of indicating text/chunks of a document that has been removed is by highlighting the entire sentence. Select the sentence you want to highlight and apply a color to it that stands out from the rest of your document.

VII. Best Practices

While strikethrough formatting can be great for indicating changes in a document, it’s essential to use it sparingly. Overusing strikethrough formatting can make your document look cluttered and unprofessional. Here are some best practices to follow while using strikethrough formatting:

1. Use it sparingly: Only use strikethrough formatting when necessary to indicate changes in a document. Overusing it can make the document difficult to read and look cluttered.

2. Follow Company Guidelines: If you’re using Google Docs at work, follow your company’s style guidelines for using strikethrough formatting in your documents.

3. Clarity is Key: Be sure that your strikethrough formatting is easy to read and understand.

VIII. Conclusion

Strikethrough formatting is an easy-to-use feature that can significantly improve the editing process on Google Docs. In this article, we have provided a detailed step-by-step guide, shortcuts, video tutorials, and discussed best practices and alternatives to using strikethrough formatting. We hope that this guide will help you use strikethrough formatting more efficiently and that it helps improve your document editing.

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