How to Screen Record on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide


It’s not uncommon to want to save a video of your gameplay, capture a funny meme or show someone how to do something on your iPhone. One of the most efficient ways to share your iPhone’s screen is to record it.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to screen recording on iPhone, ways to overcome common problems, explore advanced features, and offer recommendations on third-party apps to enhance your experience.

Step-by-Step Guide

Screen recording is hassle-free on the iPhone, and in this section, we will provide steps to get this done.

Step 1: Open the Control Center using the swipe down gesture, then tap the Screen Recording button.

Step 2: Start recording. Click the Screen Recording button to begin recording. You’ll see a count down from three and a red bar at the top of the screen, letting you know that recording has begun.

Step 3: Stop recording. To stop recording, click the red bar at the top of the screen then tap the ‘Stop’ button. You can also end recording in the Control Center by clicking the screen recording thumbnail, which will open another screen to stop it.

Note: If after following these steps the Screen Recording button is still not visible, try adding this feature to your Control Centre by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Control Centre’ > ‘Customise Controls’ > ‘Screen Recording’ and adding it to your list of available options.

Screen Recording iPhone

Built-in Features

iOS 11 onwards includes a screen recording feature, which allows for quick, easy recording, and lets you record audio as well as visual content. The built-in screen recording feature comes with some limitations but can be activated as follows:

Step 1: Follow the steps above to add the screen recording feature to your Control Centre options.

Step 2: Launch the built-in screen recording function from the Control Center widget. Tap the Screen Recording icon, and it will initiate a countdown before recording starts.

Note: It’s important to note that Screen Recording on iOS doesn’t record content playing within Apple’s content stores like Apple Music or Netflix.

Trusted Apps

Suppose you need a more personalized screen recording experience. In that case, iOS also supports third-party video capture apps with unique features to suit different screen recording needs. Here are some of the best screen recording apps for iPhone:

1. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder: DU Screen Recorder is an ad-supported free app that offers high-quality recording with various video resolutions and frame rates. The app provides features such as screen captures, video editing, and GIF creation that offer a streamlined process for editing and sharing your recordings.

2. TechSmith Capture: TechSmith is known for powerful and comprehensive screen recording and video editing software. With this app, you can record video, audio and capture images and share them within the app or to social media platforms. It also supports built-in editing essentials like trimming, highlighting and blurring.

3. Bandicam Screen Recorder: The continuously updated application is suitable for personal use and professional use. The app assists users to capture gaming and video file with a combination of resolution quality, and you will find editing reliability with features like trimming, watermark and innovative effects.

Step-by-Step Guide: To use a third-party app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the app from the App Store.

Step 2: Open the app and allow access to the app to access photos and videos.

Step 3: Follow the app’s on-screen instructions for recording and editing.

Specific Use-Cases

Screen recording on the iPhone has a wide range of use cases and enables users to save relevant short clips, presentations, or video content with ease. Here are some specific use-cases:

1. Record Video Chats: The iPhone’s built-in screen recording feature is perfect for saving that call with friends and family. You’ll never miss a memorable moment again.

2. Save Internet Content: You can save internet content that would typically not be available to save directly by recording your iPhone’s screen.

3. Record Gameplay: Game enthusiasts can record their gameplay and share it with friends or upload it to YouTube for others to enjoy.

Common Problems

Despite how straightforward screen recording is on the iPhone, a few common problems may occur. Here’s how to fix them:

Problem 1: No sound when recording video. Fix this problem by turning on Microphone Audio.

Problem 2: Recording failed or recording is stopped unexpectedly. Try to restart your iPhone and ensure that you have enough storage capacity.

Advanced Features

The iOS screen recording system includes several advanced features. Here they are:

1. Recording audio with the internal microphone: To add audio to the recordings, screenshotting feature on iOS devices. Go to the Control Center and long-press on the screen recording icon. Select the Internal Microphone option.

2. Setting a timer before recording: To add a timer before recording, navigate to the Control Center, and again long-pressing on the screen recording icon. Tap and select the option for a timer of 3 or 10 seconds.


Compatibility is essential when choosing the right screen recording tools or apps for iPhone. For instance:

iOS versions: To use the built-in iOS screen recording app, iPhone devices need to have iOS 11 versions or later.

iPhone models: You can use this feature on all iPhone models starting from the iPhone 5s.

File formats: Using the built-in screen recorder app in iOS produces MP4 video files for iPhone users. Third-party apps might support additional file formats.


Screen recording on the iPhone provides a fast and easy way to capture any activity with just a few clicks. Users can use the built-in screen recording feature or opt for the third-party apps. Whether for educational, entertainment or work purposes, screen recording provides an excellent and convenient way to precisely capture content and work with it later as desired.

Give it a try, and don’t forget to let us know how it works for you.

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