How to Make Cloud Slime: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Ooey-Gooey Fun


Have you ever wanted to have some fun with crafting? Making cloud slime is a great way to have fun! This article will guide you on how to make cloud slime and provide information on the materials you will need to create this gooey fun craft. This article is aimed at people who want to learn how to make cloud slime.

Step-by-Step Guide

The process of making cloud slime is simple if you follow these step by step instructions.

Step 1: Pour glue into a bowl. The amount of glue you need is dependent on the amount of the cloud slime you want to make.

Step 2: Add shaving cream to the glue in the bowl. Add enough shaving cream until you get the consistency you want. You can use any brand or type of shaving cream, but make sure it is a shaving cream with a foam-like texture.

Step 3: Mix the glue and the shaving cream together until well combined.

Step 4: Add in some cornstarch. The amount of cornstarch depends on how much cloud slime you want to make; add it gradually while mixing until you achieve the consistency you desire.

Step 5: Mix in the food coloring to the slime mixture until you get the desired color.

Step 6: Add some lotion to the mixture, and knead it together with your hands until it is well combined.

Step 7: Add tiny foam beads and fold them in until they are uniformly distributed.

Congratulations! You have made your very own cloud slime!

Comparison to Other Slimes

Cloud slime is unlike any other slime. Because of its unique foam-like texture, it is great for molding and stretching. Unlike other types of slime, which are usually sticky and slimy, cloud slime is less so, making it fun for kids to play with.

Ingredients and Tools Needed

You’ll need a few things to make cloud slime. Here they are:

  • Elmer’s glue (a white school glue);
  • Shaving cream;
  • Cornstarch;
  • Food coloring;
  • Lotion;
  • A mixing bowl;
  • A spoon or spatula for mixing;
  • Foam balls or beads.

It’s good to note that you can customize the quantity and the specific type of ingredients to suit your design styles and preferences. Experimenting with your ingredients is always a fun way to do some crafting!

Troubleshooting Common Problems

There are some common problems that people might encounter when making cloud slime. Let’s discuss some of them and what you can do to fix them.

  • If your slime mixture is too sticky, add more cornstarch to thicken it up.
  • If your slime mixture is too hard, try adding more shaving cream to lighten it up.
  • If your mixture isn’t stretchy enough, consider adding a bit more lotion to provide a bit more bounce.
  • If your mixture is too thin, you can add in a bit more cornstarch to thicken it up, or alternatively, cover it in cornstarch for a few minutes.
  • If you are having trouble getting the color you want, don’t add food coloring too quickly, instead add just a dash then gradually build on that.

Creative Variations

Why not spice things up? Here are some fun and creative variations of cloud slime that you can try out:

  • Add glitter to the slime mixture for that extra sparkle;
  • Use metallic food coloring for a shiny look of the slime;
  • Add foam beads or plastic toys inside to give your cloud slime some texture;
  • Mix different colors of food dye together to get something entirely different, maybe a rainbow;
  • Use glow-in-the-dark food coloring to make slime for extra fun that can glow-in-the-dark later on.

These are just a few examples of fun variations to try out. Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity and see what great ideas you can come up with!

Fun Facts and History

Slime was first introduced as a toy in the 1970s. When it was first introduced, it was more of a gross-out toy rather than entertainment, but over the years, the slime slowly emerged as a cool and exciting toy for children of all ages.

But what is slime and how does it work? Slime is made primarily of glue and a liquid activator which serves essentially as a slime mixture activator. The activator causes the glue to cross-link, creating a stretchy and elastic compound. Cloud slime is made using the same basic steps, but with the added ingredient of shaving cream, which gives it that squishy, foam-like texture.


Creating cloud slime is a simple process that requires only a few ingredients and tools. We’ve provided you with a step-by-step guide, troubleshooting tips, creative variations to try, and some fun facts about slime and its history.

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