How to Know if Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story: A Step-by-Step Guide


Instagram stories are a great way to share your life, interests, and creativity with your followers. However, there’s always the risk that someone may screenshot your story without your knowledge or permission.

This article will provide readers with a step-by-step guide on how to know if someone screenshots their Instagram story. By following these steps, users can protect their content and privacy on the platform.

Step 1: Monitor Your Story Views

One of the easiest ways to know if someone screenshots your Instagram story is to monitor your story views. Instagram provides users with a list of people who have viewed their story, and by keeping an eye on this list, users can identify any suspicious behavior.

Specifically, users should look for patterns in their story views. For example, if one particular person views your story multiple times or for an extended period, this may indicate that they are taking screenshots.

Additionally, if someone appears to be taking screenshots, users can take action by blocking them or limiting their access to their content.

Step 2: Look for Unusual Behavior from Followers

Another way to know if someone screenshots your Instagram story is to look for changes in follower behavior. If someone has taken a screenshot of your story, there may be sudden drops in engagement or even unfollows.

If users suspect that someone has taken a screenshot, they should confront the situation by sending a direct message. However, users should be mindful of their tone and approach the situation politely.

Step 3: Use Third-Party Apps to Detect Activity

Users who want to take their monitoring to the next level can use third-party apps to detect activity on their Instagram account. These apps provide users with detailed analytics on their account and can even reveal who has taken screenshots.

However, users should be cautious when using these apps and make sure to research their privacy policies before downloading them. Some apps may be intrusive or violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Step 4: Watch for Suspicious DMs

Screenshots of Instagram stories can also be shared through direct messages. If users receive a DM with a screenshot of their story that they weren’t expecting, this may be an indication that someone has taken a screenshot.

To prevent this from happening in the future, users can adjust their privacy settings to limit who can send them direct messages. Additionally, users should be wary of who they share their content with and avoid sharing anything too personal or sensitive.

Step 5: Take Preventative Measures

Finally, users can take preventative measures to avoid having their Instagram stories screenshots in the first place. This includes disabling screenshot notifications, adding watermarks to their content, and limiting who can view their content.

However, users should also be mindful of balancing their privacy and their content creation. By sharing their stories, users are opening themselves up to the public, and they should be prepared for potential screenshots and other forms of online sharing.


In conclusion, there are several steps that users can take to know if someone screenshots their Instagram story. By monitoring their story views, looking for unusual follower behavior, using third-party apps, watching for suspicious DMs, and taking preventative measures, users can protect their content and privacy on the platform.

Users who are concerned about screenshots should take action and not hesitate to confront the situation. By being aware of their Instagram activity and taking preventative measures, users can enjoy sharing their content without worrying about unwanted screenshots.

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