How to Get Rid of Hickies: Tips for Fast Healing and Prevention


Hickeys are discolorations of the skin caused by excessive suction or pressure applied to the skin’s surface, often on the neck or chest. They can be embarrassing or inconvenient, especially if you work in a professional setting or attend social gatherings frequently. The good news is that there are many simple and effective solutions to help you quickly get rid of hickies. In this article, we will explore various remedies, prevention methods, medical treatments and cover-up options for hickies.

Effective Home Remedies for Removing Hickies

For those looking for natural remedies, some options include applying cold objects such as ice packs to the affected area to reduce swelling and help to prevent the formation of the bruise. Massaging the hickey with almond or coconut oil helps to increase blood flow and reduce discoloration. Applying a small amount of toothpaste to the affected area and leaving it for a few minutes then washing with warm water help to break down the clotting. You can also rub the inside of a banana peel on the skin as it contains enzymes that help to heal the hickey quickly.

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Tips for Avoiding Hickies

The best prevention is to avoid rough kissing sessions. If you indulge in such, you should keep away from your neck and chest area. If you must venture there, use some sunscreen or a scarf to cover the areas that are hit easily. You could narrow it down to wearing clothes with high collars for protection when you’re out in public.

Medical Treatments for Hickies

If you can’t get rid of your hickey through the natural remedies mentioned earlier and you feel pain or discomfort, you may want to consider seeking medical attention. Doctors can prescribe topical ointments or medications that can help reduce pain and inflammation. If the hickey is severe or refuses to heal, doctors may recommend laser therapy treatment to speed up the recovery process.

Don’t Let Your Hickies Ruin Your Confidence: Tips for Covering Up Hickies

If you have an important meeting to attend in a short time and need to cover up your hickey, there are many strategies you can use. A common one is applying green color corrector to the affected area to neutralize the color, followed by applying foundation to the skin and then translucent powder to finish it off. Wearing clothing with high collars or scarves can also help to cover up the affected area. Finally, medicated ointments like Arnica cream can help quicken the healing process while camouflaging the area.

Hickeys – To Love or Avoid?

Finally, we can explore some interesting topics related to hickeys. Did you know that hickeys have been given as symbols of love or passion for decades? They carry a lot of cultural significance that’s been passed down from generation to generation. They can also lead to serious health risks when they occur due to the suction breaking small blood vessels. These blood clots could be potentially dangerous and could even lead to heart attacks or strokes.


In conclusion, hickeys can be frustrating and embarrassing, but there are many ways to prevent and treat them. Natural remedies, medical treatments, and cover-up options can help to make the healing process quicker and increase your confidence when attending social events. However, it’s essential to take necessary measures like prevention and seeking medical advice if necessary to avoid experiencing severe health consequences. With this article, you now have the tools to handle a hickey whenever it appears.

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