Top 5 Proven Tips to Efficiently Get Mega Energy Pokemon Go Reddit


Are you struggling to get your hands on Mega Energy in Pokemon Go Reddit? This coveted resource is essential for Mega Evolution, which can give your Pokemon a massive boost in power and stats. Unfortunately, acquiring Mega Energy can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but don’t worry! In this article, we’ll share some of the most efficient and proven tips to help you get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go fast and hassle-free.

5 Proven Tips to Obtain Mega Energy in Pokemon Go Reddit

Tip 1: Participate in Mega Raids to Get Mega Energy

Mega Raids can give you the most amount of Mega Energy in the game. You can get up to 50 Mega Energy by defeating a Mega Raid Boss. The amount of Mega Energy you get depends on the raid’s difficulty level, and you have a chance to earn extra Mega Energy if you use a Mega-Evolved Pokemon in your Raid party.

Tip 2: Complete Special Research Tasks for Mega Energy Rewards

Special Research Tasks can also give you Mega Energy as a reward. Keep an eye out for special events or research tasks that offer Mega Energy as a prize. These tasks may include catching specific types of Pokemon, reaching certain milestones, or completing specific challenges.

Tip 3: Exchange Mega Energy with Friends via Remote Raids

You can ask your friends to invite you to Raid Battles remotely, even if you are far away from each other. As long as you have a Remote Raid Pass and your friend has a Raid Pass from the same Raid, you can join their party and receive Mega Energy for completing the Raid.

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Mega Energy Events and Bonuses

Occasionally, Pokemon Go Reddit will offer bonuses or events that can help you get more Mega Energy. For instance, they may offer double or triple the amount of Mega Energy earned from Raids during a specific period, or give out free Remote Raid Passes. Be sure to check the Pokemon Go Reddit page regularly for these events and take advantage of them as much as possible.

Tip 5: Join a Mega Energy Focused Community on Reddit

Several communities on Reddit are dedicated to sharing tips and strategies for getting Mega Energy efficiently. Joining these communities can help you stay up-to-date with the latest Mega Energy events, coordinate with other players, and get insider tips for maximizing your Mega Energy gains.

A Comprehensive Guide to Mega Energy in Pokemon Go Reddit

What is Mega Energy?

Mega Energy is a resource obtained exclusively in Pokemon Go that is required for Mega Evolution. It is only available for specific Pokemon that are capable of Mega Evolving.

How Does Mega Energy Work in Pokemon Go?

Once you have enough Mega Energy for a specific Pokemon, you can Mega Evolve that Pokemon using the Mega Evolution system. This gives the Pokemon a substantial boost in power and stats, and also changes its appearance. The Mega Evolution lasts for a limited amount of time, after which the Pokemon returns to its original form.

Different Ways to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

Besides Raid Battles and Special Research Tasks, some other ways to get Mega Energy include:

– Battle in Gym Battles: You have a chance to get Mega Energy from Gym Battles, depending on the Gym’s current status, but the chances of getting Mega Energy is very low.

– Participating in Mega Energy Events: Occasionally, Pokemon Go Reddit may offer an event where you can earn Mega Energy for specific Pokemon by completing specific tasks or challenges.

– Hatch Eggs: When you hatch certain eggs, you can get Mega Energy for specific Pokemon.

– Purchase Mega Energy: You can buy Mega Energy from the in-game Shop, but this will have a significant impact on your in-game wallet.

How to Convert Mega Energy into Mega Evolution

To Mega Evolve a specific Pokemon, you must have enough Mega Energy for that Pokemon. Once you have enough Mega Energy, you can activate the Mega Evolution system during battle by tapping the “Mega Evolve” button. Once the Pokemon has Mega Evolved, it will stay in its Mega Evolved form for a limited time, after which it will return to its original form.

Secret Strategies to Acquire Mega Energy Efficiently in Pokemon Go Reddit

Timing Your Raid Battles

Time your Raid Battles to coincide with events or bonuses that offer more Mega Energy per Raid. It’s also essential to consider the Raid Boss’s difficulty level and choose the right Pokemon and battle party to ensure you defeat the Boss as fast as possible.

Stack Up on Remote Raid Passes

Stock up on Remote Raid Passes so you can join in on any raids your friends invite you to. You can purchase Remote Raid passes in the Shop, and some events may offer free Remote Raid Passes.

Use your Buddy Pokemon to your Advantage

Your Buddy Pokemon can assist you in several ways that can help you get more Mega Energy. For instance, they can help you find more Mega Raids and can be added to your Raid party, giving you additional firepower. They can also locate Mega Energy on the game map and can even bring you some Mega Energy as a gift after completing specific milestones together.

Maximizing Your Mega Energy Gains: A How-To for Pokemon Go Players on Reddit

To maximize your Mega Energy gains, follow these steps:

1. Participate in Mega Raids as often as possible and use Mega-evolved Pokemon in your Raid party for bonus Mega Energy.

2. Keep an eye out for Special Research Tasks and complete them to get Mega Energy rewards.

3. Use Remote Raid Passes to join your friend’s Raid parties and get more Mega Energy.

4. Track your Mega Energy progress regularly and adjust your gameplay to focus on obtaining Mega Energy.

5. Join Pokemon Go Reddit communities to coordinate with other players and stay informed about events and strategies for getting Mega Energy.

Insider Tips to Collect Mega Energy Faster in Pokemon Go Reddit

Get insider tips from experienced Pokemon Go players on how to get Mega Energy faster. For instance, some players recommend stocking up on Remote Raid Passes and organizing yourself with friends to have as many Raids as possible. Others advise you to use specific Pokemon that can take down Raid Bosses quickly or to invest time into leveling up your Buddy Pokemon to get more Mega Energy.


Acquiring Mega Energy in Pokemon Go Reddit can be a slow and challenging process, but with the proven tips and strategies shared in this article, it doesn’t have to be so. By participating in Mega Raids, Special Research Tasks, and Mega Energy events, you can quickly accumulate Mega Energy and Mega Evolve your Pokemon. Remember to coordinate with other players, stay informed, and use your Buddy Pokemon and Remote Raid Passes to your advantage.

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