How to Fold a Paper Airplane: A Step-by-Step Guide with Infographic and Video Tutorial


Do you remember making paper airplanes as a kid? Are you struggling to remember how to fold a classic paper airplane? No worries! This article will guide you through the process of folding a paper airplane step-by-step. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive guide through a combination of text, images, infographic, and video tutorial. Let’s start!

Step-by-Step Guide

The first style of paper airplane we are going to fold is the classic dart design, which is where all novice paper pilots begin. To start, take a regular rectangular sheet of paper and place it face down, vertically. Next:

1. Fold paper in half horizontally and crease it well.

2. Open the paper completely and fold each top corner diagonally towards the center crease. Your paper will now have a sharp, triangular point at the top with a rectangular base.

3. Fold the rectangular edges in towards the center crease, creating two folded flaps at the bottom.

4. Fold the paper in half along the horizontal crease. You should now see the wings beginning to take shape.

5. Fold the wings down on either side, starting at the top corners and making sure both sides are symmetrical.

Congratulations! You have now folded an iconic paper airplane. Make sure all your creases are smooth and even to maximize your flight results.


Our infographic offers a helpful visual representation of the step-by-step guide above. Print it out and have it by your side as you fold your paper airplane. Check out the infographic below:


Video Tutorial

For a more in-depth visual explanation of how to fold a paper airplane, watch the following video tutorial created by a seasoned paper airplane creator. The video tutorial allows you to pause, rewind and catch up as needed, plus you can watch the folding process in action.

Paper Airplane Gallery

Now that you’ve mastered the classic paper airplane, you may want to take on some variations. Check out these paper airplanes that can level up your game:


Each of the airplanes in the gallery above is unique and has specific folding techniques. Start with the design you find most intriguing.

Creative Variations

If you want to put your own twist on the classic paper airplane, try these three creative variations:

1. Flying Saucer:

Start with a square sheet of paper instead of a rectangle. Fold the paper in half twice, then fold the edges in towards the center. Fold it in half again and create fan-like shapes.

2. Glider:

Start with a piece of paper, fold it the same way you did for the classic paper airplane. Unfold the paper and create a “V” shape with the top layer. Make sure the tip is precise. Stroke the paper on the fold with a hard object to transfuse creases from the top layer to the bottom layer, then fold both sides up and down.

3. Boomerang:

Fold a rectangular paper in half, then fold in the corners to create a triangle shape. Fold the triangle shape to create a long slim piece of paper and fold it in half. Now create a “v” at the top by folding it upwards then downwards and fold the edges to create the boomerang shape.


If you follow these folding techniques, you can fold a paper airplane with ease and creativity.

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