5 Simple Steps to Achieving Perfect Edges on Your Lawn


Edging your lawn is an important part of lawn maintenance that helps create a neat and tidy appearance. It involves separating the lawn from adjacent garden areas, sidewalks, and driveways, making it easier to maintain and reducing the risk of damage from lawn mowers and other equipment. In this article, we will explore five simple steps to help you achieve perfect edges on your lawn.

Step 1: Marking Your Edges

The first step in edging your lawn is to mark the edges where you want the separation to occur. This can be done using spray chalk, string, or a garden hose. When marking, ensure that you establish a clear line that’s easy to follow when edging.

Step 2: Clearing Debris and Trimming Grass

Before you begin edging, clear any debris or vegetation from the edges and trim the grass around it. This will give you a clear path when edging, making it easier to create a clean, straight edge.

Step 3: Using an Edging Tool

Using the right edging tool is critical to achieving a great edge. There are several types of edging tools available, including manual and powered tools. Manual tools include garden shears or a half-moon edger, which is pushed into the soil to create the edge. Powered tools include gas or electric lawn edgers with a spinning blade that cuts the grass and soil to create the edge.

To create a clean, straight edge, guide the edging tool slowly along the edge line, cutting into the soil as deep as the blade allows. Use firm pressure and a steady hand to keep the tool in position. Make sure to cut straight down and avoid pushing the tool into the lawn area, as this can lead to damage.

Step 4: Cleaning Up the Edges

Once you have finished edging, remove any excess soil or debris with a garden rake or broom. This will help create a clean and tidy appearance around the edges.

Step 5: Maintaining Your Edges

Maintaining a neat edge throughout the season is important to keep your lawn looking perfectly manicured. This can be done by periodically trimming the grass along the edge or by using a trimmer to keep the edge clean and sharp. You can also re-edge the lawn once a month to maintain a perfect edge.


Edging your lawn is an important part of lawn maintenance, and with these five simple steps, you can achieve beautiful, professional-looking edges. Remember to always use the right tools, work slowly and carefully, and maintain your edges regularly to keep your lawn looking its best.

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