How to Draw Anime Eyes: Tips, Tricks, and Exercises to Master Eye Expressions


Are you an aspiring manga or anime artist? Do you struggle with drawing anime eyes that convey different emotions and moods? Look no further! In this article, we will explore tips, tricks, and exercises to help you master the art of anime eye drawing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions and examples to improve your skills.

Tips and Tricks for Drawing Anime Eyes

Let’s start with the basics of drawing anime eyes. First, draw the eye shape and the iris. Then, add the pupil and the eyelashes. Don’t forget to add details such as shine and shadows to make the eyes more realistic.

Next, let’s explore different types of anime eyes. From the innocent and large eyes of a chibi character to the menacing and narrow eyes of a villain, anime eyes can convey a diverse range of emotions and moods. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions for each type of eye, from the basic round eye to the complex and detailed eye of a skilled artist.

Lastly, we will give you tips on shading, adding details, and creating different expressions using the eyes. We will also showcase examples of different eye expressions to inspire your own creations.

Analyzing the Anatomy of Anime Eyes

To draw realistic and expressive anime eyes, it is essential to understand their anatomy. We will discuss the shapes, sizes, and proportions of anime eyes, and how they differ from real-life eyes. Furthermore, we will break down the different features of anime eyes such as iris size, pupil placement, and eyelashes, and provide examples of how to draw them accurately. Lastly, we will compare and contrast anime eyes with real-life references to improve your accuracy in drawing them.

Using References to Improve Your Anime Eye Drawings

One of the best ways to improve your anime eye drawing skills is to use references. Whether you take photos of your own eyes or reference other artists’ works, using references can help you with accuracy and inspiration. We will provide you with suggestions on how to use references effectively and showcase examples of how to incorporate them into your artwork.

Anime Eye Drawing Exercises

Practice makes perfect, and drawing exercises can help you improve specific aspects of anime eyes. We will provide you with exercises that focus on shading, highlights, eye shape, and expression. Furthermore, we will provide you with practice sheets to try out at home. Lastly, we will showcase an example of how a drawing exercise can improve your skills.

Mastering Anime Eye Expressions

Creating different expressions using anime eyes is an art in itself. We will focus on tips and tricks for drawing eyebrows, adding highlights, and creating a glint in the eye to convey different emotions and moods. We will provide you with examples of different eye expressions and how to achieve them, from the sultry and smoldering look to the innocent and surprised gaze.


In conclusion, drawing anime eyes is an essential skill for any manga or anime artist. By following the tips and tricks, analyzing the anatomy of anime eyes, using references, practicing with drawing exercises, and mastering expressions, you can improve your skills and create more realistic and expressive characters.

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