How to Draw a Snowman: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Frosty Friend


Many may think drawing a snowman is easy as making three circles, but in reality, drawing a snowman that looks unique and realistic can be a daunting task. In this article, we will guide you through the process of drawing your own snowman with virtually no mistakes. Through detailed illustrations, tips, and tricks, we hope to create a confident and skilled snowman artist in you.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how you can draw a snowman in three simple steps:

Drawing the Body and Base

Begin with a curved line that is slightly bigger than a circle. Then draw another circle under it- this will serve as the base. Connect the two circles with two curvy lines. Your drawing should now look like an oblong snowman.

Drawing the Head and adding Facial Features

Now, add the head to the snowman by drawing another circle on top of the body. Then draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. We recommend using round eyes and nose to maintain the symmetry of the snowman. The mouth may be a straight line or a semi-circle, but feel free to be creative.

Adding Arms, Scarf and Additional Details

Place the arms on the sides using zigzag lines; you can decide on their length and shape. Draw an outline of the scarf around the neck, then add stripes or polka dots for detail. You can also add buttons down the center of the snowman and snowflakes all around it for an added effect.

Illustrate each step with visuals

Draw a Snowman Visual Reference


The Required Materials for Drawing a Snowman

You will only need a few materials to draw a snowman:

i. Type of Paper: In drawing a snowman, you should consider the type of paper to use. Plain paper or white drawing paper typically work well, but you can also experiment with colored papers and cardstock.

ii. Pencils, Pens, Erasers and Other Drawing Tools: Pencils are great for sketching your snowman. Afterward, you can use pens, colored pencils, watercolors or any other drawing tool to add depth, shading, and color to your drawing.

The Ideal Materials to Create a Realistic Snowman Drawing

If you want to create a more realistic snowman drawing, we recommend using pastels. Pastels bring the color to life brilliantly, and they are perfect for bringing out the different shades of snow and adding textures to the surrounding environment.

Creative Variations

Different Ways to Make a Snowman Drawing Look More Whimsical

If you want to create a more whimsical snowman, try mixing in different patterns, colors, and shapes. Add a hat or scarf of a different color to make the snowman stand out even more. The scarf can be different lengths, widths, and thicknesses, and you can vary the patterns you use as well.

Different Designs for the Eyes, Nose and Other Features

You can use different shapes, colors and sizes of eyes and nose on your snowman. Your snowman can have a triangular nose or a carrot nose, and the eyes can be triangles, squares, circles or any other shape you choose. You can add eyebrows to give the eyes more expression or use different colors of buttons down the front of the snowman.

Different Snow Textures and Surroundings to Add Depth to the Drawing

Adding snow to the picture can add depth to your drawings. You can create different textures on the snow or have the snowman in different environments. For example, you can draw snowmen in a snow-covered forest, by a house with icicles on the roof or in a park surrounded by children building snowmen.

Skills Required

The Different Drawing Skills Required to Create a Snowman Drawing

To draw a beautiful snowman, several skills come into play. These include sketching, shading, coloring, and assessing depth. You should start by sketching the outline before adding shading and color to create a beautiful and simple snowman drawing.

Suggestions to Improve Technique

Practice, practice, practice! Keep drawing snowmen to improve your techniques. It may take several attempts to draw a perfect snowman, but over time you will see your skills improve. You can also watch snowman-drawing tutorials to improve your technique.

Importance of Color Theory

Color picking is an essential aspect when drawing a snowman. This will add depth and visual effect to your drawing. Always use a combination of complementary colors when drawing the various parts of the snowman. For instance, use black for shading, blue for snowflakes, white for the body, and orange for the nose. Do not forget to use the lighting effect for a more realistic finish.

Tips and Tricks

How to Add Shading to the Snowman Drawing

Adding shadows and highlights to your snowman will help add depth and make it look more realistic. To do this, use a darker shade of graphite or colored pencil. Apply shading to the base of the snowman, under the scarf or where the arms meet the snowman. If you want to highlight a part of the snowman, use a lighter color of the same medium.

Tips for Making the Snowman Look Like it’s Melting

If you’re aiming for a more whimsical snowman, this trick can be very effective. Draw the snowman crooked or add tears on the eyes to give the impression that the snowman is melting. Use colors that create movement, such as blue and black for the shadows of the snowman.

Tips for Highlighting or Shadowing to Create Depth

If you want to create depth in your snowman drawing, use shading effects. For a subtle effect, use different shades of the same color to create depth, while for a more dramatic effect, use contrasting colors. Similarly, you can draw different directions of the snowflakes for more texture effect.

Different Perspectives

Different Angles to View a Snowman Drawing From

You can view your snowman drawing from different angles and perspectives. This variety will create a whimsical effect or realism, depending on what you intend. For example, you can draw a view of him straight from the front, focus on his face or sketch him walking.

Suggestions on How to Add Depth to the Drawing

Adding light and dark shades to the snowman can help create depth. Drawing him in motion or creating a background can also add depth to the image. You can use different shades and textures of white for the snow and shadowing.


In conclusion, drawing a snowman is easy when you have the right tools, techniques, and skills. By following this step-by-step guide, you can draw your snowman with ease. Practice and try out different variations to create your unique and exciting snowman.

So grab your pencils, and let’s get creative! Drawing your whimsical snowman awaits.

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