How to Dispose of Old TV: Recycling, Donation, Trade-In Programs and More


As technology continues to evolve and new models of televisions are introduced into the market, it is no surprise that people look to dispose of their old TVs. However, disposing of these electronic appliances comes with a set of challenges, given the environmental impact of electronic waste. It is essential to dispose of old TVs properly to minimize environmental harm and to conserve natural resources. In this article, we will explore how to dispose of old TVs in a responsible and eco-friendly way.


Recycling is one of the most environmentally safe ways to dispose of old technology. Recycling your old TVs will eliminate the risk of them ending up in landfills, which helps to reduce the amount of hazardous waste that pollutes the environment.

To recycle an old TV, it is important to find a recycling center in your local community. Most local recycling centers are equipped to process electronic waste, including old TVs. To find a local recycling center, you can visit the Environmental Protection Agency website or use an online directory like Earth911. Once you locate a center, call to confirm that they recycle electronic waste and if they take old TVs.

Before recycling an old TV, it is important to follow certain instructions. First, unplug the TV from the power source and remove any batteries from the remote control. If the TV has a cathode ray tube (CRT), it should be handled with care and stored in an upright position to prevent it from breaking. CRTs contain lead, a toxic substance that is harmful to the environment and human health.


Donating an old TV is a great way to help those in need while also avoiding electronic waste from going to landfills. Many non-profit organizations and charities accept donations of old TVs as a way to provide entertainment to people in need. For instance, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and hospitals often accept donated TVs to provide entertainment to their clients.

Before you donate an old TV, it’s important to ensure it is in good working condition. Check if the TV has any cracks, scratches, or missing parts. Clean the TV and ensure it’s in good condition before making the donation.

You can donate a TV to charities and non-profit organizations such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or the American Red Cross. You can also donate to organizations that support your local community by providing entertainment to those in need. Simply call the organization you have in mind and inquire about their donation process.

Trade-In Programs

Trade-In programs provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a new TV while disposing of an old one in an environmentally friendly way. Many electronics stores offer trade-in programs that allow customers to trade in their old TVs for a discounted price of a new one.

EcoATM, Best Buy, and Amazon are some of the major electronic stores that offer trade-in programs. Simply visit their website to learn more about their process and check their list of eligible TVs for trade-ins.

When trading in old TVs, it is important to follow certain instructions. First, make sure the TV is clean and in good working condition. Also, remove any personal data from the TV before trading it in.


Reselling an old TV is a great way to make some extra money while disposing of the TV. Online marketplaces, such as Craigslist and eBay, provide excellent platforms to sell old TVs to people who may need them.

Before selling an old TV, it is important to research its current market value. Check online marketplaces for similar models to get an idea of the sale price. Additionally, ensure the TV is clean and in good working condition.

When selling an old TV online, be vigilant to avoid scams. Beware of buyers who ask for personal information, offer to pay more than the asking price, or request to have the item shipped to a location that is different from the one listed.


Old TVs can be creatively repurposed into new useful items instead of disposing of them. Creative ideas for repurposing an old TV include a fish tank, bookshelf, or wall decoration. Repurposing an old TV is an excellent way to give it a new life and keep it out of landfills.

When repurposing an old TV, it is essential to handle it with care, especially if it has a CRT. Turning it into a new piece of furniture or decoration, however, allows the CRT to remain intact, avoiding issues of disposal. Several DIY websites have ideas for repurposing old TVs, providing a starting point for those wanting to paint their TVs to match their decor and garage furniture.

Take it to a TV repair shop

If your old TV is not working correctly and you want to dispose of it, taking it to a TV repair shop provides the opportunity to refurbish it and sell or donate it. Some people have skills or knowledge handy for repairing television, while many of them are happy to pay for the service. Taking your TV to a repair shop can also be a cost-effective solution compared to buying a new one.

When taking an old TV to a repair shop, it is advisable to get a cost estimate first. Most repair shops offer free estimates. Additionally, inquire whether the repair shop uses eco-friendly methods of disposing of non-repairable electronics..

Call a specialist

TV disposal professionals offer specialized electronic disposal services that include collecting and recycling old TVs in an eco-friendly way. They use specialized equipment to ensure the TVs are safely disposed of without harming the environment or human health.

When looking for a TV disposal professional, it is essential to choose a licensed and insured provider. This way, you can be assured that the professional is operating legitimately and that the process will be eco-friendly.


Proper disposal of old TVs is important for environmental health and sustainability. In this article, we have explored several ways to dispose of old TVs, including recycling, donation, trade-in programs, resell, repurpose, taking it to a TV repair shop, and calling a specialist. It is important to choose the best and most appropriate method to dispose of your old TV and protect the environment. Whatever option you choose, we encourage you to dispose of your old TV safely and responsibly.

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