How to Dispose of Your Old Mattress: Donating, Selling, Recycling and More


Are you wondering how to dispose of your old mattress but don’t know where to start? You are not alone. Mattresses are large and bulky items that are not easily tossed away. Improper disposal can also cause environmental damage. However, disposing of your old mattress properly doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of solutions that can help you dispose of your mattress safely and responsibly. From donating to recycling to repurposing, we’ve got you covered.

Donating Your Mattress

Donating your old mattress can be a great option if it’s still in good condition. This can help those who can’t afford to buy a new one to get a comfortable sleeping surface. Some non-profit organizations accept mattress donations, and you can donate your mattress to them.

Here are some non-profit organizations that accept mattress donations:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Goodwill Industries International
  • Furniture Banks

Before donation, it’s essential to clean and deodorize your mattress. This will ensure that it is in good condition for its new owner. Clean the stains and vacuum the surface of the mattress. It’s also important to ensure that the organization accepts the size, age, and condition of your mattress before donating.

Selling Your Mattress

Selling your mattress is a great option if it’s in good condition. You can make some extra cash while getting rid of your old mattress. There are many online platforms where you can sell your mattress, such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.

Before selling, make sure you take good photographs of the mattress and write a detailed description. Photograph all angles of the mattress, including any wear and tear, stains, or odors. Ensure that you take the photos in good lighting, and the mattress appears clean. Write a compelling description that highlights the features of the mattress, such as its size, firmness or memory foam.

It’s important to follow safety precautions while selling online. Meet the buyer in a public place, and avoid giving away your personal information. Ask for cash payment, or use a secure payment method like PayPal to avoid fraud.

Recycling Your Mattress

If your mattress is unusable or damaged, recycling your mattress can be an eco-friendly and responsible option. There are different mattress recycling programs available in your community.

The process of recycling a mattress involves stripping the mattress of its foam, fabric, wood, metal, and other materials and then reusing them. As a result, less waste goes into the landfill.

To recycle your mattress, check if your community has a local recycling center or program that accepts mattresses. You can browse online for recycling centers near you. Before recycling, remove the bedding and provide information on the size and material of the mattress.

Manufacturers’ Disposal Programs

Many mattress manufacturers offer disposal programs for their customers. These programs can help you dispose of your old mattress with less hassle. Different manufacturers have different programs, so it’s important to contact the manufacturer and inquire about their disposal program.

Once you’ve contacted the manufacturer, they will pick up the mattress from your home and dispose of it correctly. Some manufacturers offer this program for free, while others might charge a fee. Ensure that you ask for all the terms and conditions before arranging a pickup.

Disposing of Your Mattress at a Landfill

Disposing of your mattress at a landfill should be a last resort since it is non-biodegradable and might take years to decompose. However, a landfill can dispose of your mattress if no other alternative is available.

Before disposing of your mattress, check with your local landfill for proper procedures for disposing of it. Landfills might charge a fee for disposal, and they may have restrictions on the quantity and size of the mattresses they accept. Before disposing of your mattress, pack it in a plastic bag to minimize environmental damage.

Repurposing Your Mattress Materials

Repurposing your old mattress can be a creative and eco-friendly option. Most mattresses contain materials such as springs, foam padding, and cotton. With a little creativity, you can recycle these materials for other uses.

One way to repurpose your mattress is to disassemble it by cutting off the cloth and other materials. Recycle the foam for making pillows and seat cushions, or use the steel springs to make a rolling coffee table. The options are endless—the only limit is your creativity.


Disposing of your old mattress shouldn’t be a daunting task. There are many solutions that can help you dispose of your old mattress safely and responsibly. From donating to recycling to repurposing, you can choose the option that works best for you. Remember to ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by each option, including cleaning before donation, taking clear photos before selling, recycling responsibly, and finally, repurposing creatively.

Remember, proper mattress disposal helps reduce environmental damage and helps promote sustainable living. So, make the right choice and dispose of your mattress responsibly.

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