A Comprehensive Guide to Ohio’s Casino Age Requirements: Everything You Need to Know


If you are planning to visit a casino in Ohio, it is important to understand the state’s age requirements. This article provides a comprehensive guide to Ohio’s casino age restrictions. Whether you are a young person preparing for a night of gambling with friends or a parent interested in understanding the rules surrounding gambling with your children, this guide will give you all the information you need.

A Comprehensive Guide to Ohio’s Age Restrictions for Casinos

Under Ohio law, there are three types of casinos: commercial casinos, racinos, and tribal casinos. Each type of casino has its own age requirements.

Commercial casinos, such as the JACK Cleveland Casino, the Hollywood Casino Columbus, and the Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park, require visitors to be at least 21 years old.

Racinos, which are a combination of horse racing tracks and casinos, allow visitors as young as 18 years old to participate in pari-mutuel wagering (betting on horse races), but casino games are restricted to those 21 years and over. Examples of racinos in Ohio include Miami Valley Gaming and Scioto Downs.

Tribal casinos, such as the the Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway and the Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course, are operated by Native American tribes. The minimum age requirement for tribal casinos is 21, as per the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

It is important to note that these age restrictions apply to both gambling and simply being present on the casino floor. Minors are not permitted to sit at slot machines or watch table games.

The consequences of violating Ohio’s age requirements can be severe. Both the underage gambler and the casino can be subject to legal penalties, including fines and even imprisonment. In addition, underage gamblers may be required to complete community service or attend counseling sessions.

What to Know Before Heading to an Ohio Casino: The Age Requirement

Before visiting an Ohio casino, it is important to confirm the age requirements. Visitors can do this by contacting the casino directly, visiting its website, or reviewing the policies section of its website.

In addition, visitors should carry valid ID at all times. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport. It is important to note that Ohio casinos are not required to accept other forms of identification, such as school IDs or birth certificates.

Can You Gamble in Ohio if You’re Under 21? Here’s What You Need to Know

In Ohio, underage gambling is illegal, with few exceptions. Minors may participate in some forms of charitable gambling, such as bingo or raffles, as long as they are supervised by an adult.

In addition, some casinos may allow minors to gamble with their parents. In these cases, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for the minor’s gambling activity. However, it is important to note that not all casinos allow this practice.

Penalties for underage gambling in Ohio can include monetary fines, community service, and mandatory counseling sessions. Minors caught gambling may also be required to forfeit any winnings and may be banned from the casino for a period of time.

Ohio’s Casino Age Limit: Exploring the Debate

There is ongoing debate surrounding Ohio’s casino age requirements. Some advocates believe that the age should be raised to 25 or even 30, citing research on the brain’s development and susceptibility to addiction. Others argue that the age should be lowered to 18, citing the legal age for other activities such as voting and military service.

It is important to note that changing Ohio’s casino age requirements would require legislative action.

A Look at Ohio’s Casino Age Limit: Why It Matters

Age limits for casino gambling are important for several reasons. First, gambling has been shown to have a higher risk of addiction among younger people. Second, younger people may be more susceptible to making poor financial decisions when gambling. Third, gambling can be particularly harmful to vulnerable populations, such as those struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.

Research has shown a strong association between age and gambling behavior. Adolescents and young adults are at a higher risk of developing gambling problems than older adults. For this reason, age limits for casino gambling are an important part of responsible gambling practices.

Ohio Casinos: Are They Strict About Enforcing Age Limits?

Ohio casinos are typically very strict about enforcing age limits. Visitors may be asked to provide ID upon entering the casino, and staff may periodically check IDs on the casino floor. In addition, many casinos use technology such as facial recognition software and ID scanners to prevent underage gambling.

Consequences for violating age limits can be severe. In addition to legal penalties, the casino may also take action, such as banning the underage gambler from the premises.

From 18 to 21: How Ohio’s Age Requirement for Casinos Has Changed Over the Years

Ohio’s age requirements for casinos have undergone several changes over the years. Prior to the opening of Ohio’s first commercial casino in 2012, the minimum age for gambling in the state was 18. However, in 2009, Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment to raise the minimum age to 21 for all forms of casino gambling. Since then, Ohio’s age requirements have remained at 21 for commercial and tribal casinos, while racinos have been permitted to allow gambling for those as young as 18 but only on pari-mutuel betting.

The reasons for these changes are complex, but they reflect changing attitudes towards gambling as well as a desire to ensure that young people are protected from the potential harms of gambling.


Understanding Ohio’s age restrictions for casinos is important for anyone planning to visit a casino in the state. With strict enforcement of age limits and severe penalties for violations, including both legal and personal consequences, it is important to comply with all Ohio laws governing gambling age. By following the tips provided in this guide, visitors can ensure they are prepared to enjoy a fun and safe night of gambling in Ohio.

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