How Many Dollar General Stores Are There? Exploring the Leading Discount Store in the US


Have you ever wondered how many Dollar General stores there are in the US? The answer may surprise you. In this article, we will not only answer this question but also explore the history, impact, and growth of Dollar General, the leading discount store in the US.

Top States with the Most Dollar General Stores: An Analysis

When it comes to Dollar General stores, some states have more than others. The top five states with the most Dollar General stores are Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio. But why are these states chosen? Factors such as population density, geographic location, and competition contribute to the number of Dollar General stores in these states. For example, Dollar General expands more into rural areas, where there are fewer options for everyday supplies and groceries. In contrast, in areas where other stores have left, Dollar General fills the void.

How Dollar General Became the Leading Discount Store in the US
How Dollar General Became the Leading Discount Store in the US

How Dollar General Became the Leading Discount Store in the US

Dollar General started in 1939 as a family-owned company that was focused on simple and basic goods like cleaning supplies, clothing, and groceries. The company diversified with different stores, such as Turnip Seed, J.L. Turner & Sons, and then finally, Dollar General that stuck. They also implemented strategies that increased their success, such as offering low prices for quality goods and selecting sites in rural areas that other stores had overlooked.

The Impact of Dollar General on Small Communities: A Case Study

A small community case study reveals that Dollar General stores have a mixed response from people. While some believe the stores are increasing access to essential goods, there are also concerns that small businesses are being replaced and that the chain struggles to support its employees. In a case study in Western New York, two Dollar General stores opened in the same town, and while there was some positive feedback, some businesses saw their sales decline.

Dollar General vs Other Discount Stores: A Comparative Analysis

Compared to other discount stores, Dollar General offers a broader range of products and low prices. Dollar General stores have a small footprint, meaning they are conveniently located in rural and suburban areas. Furthermore, the stores have a streamlined checkout process and fewer staff to reduce overhead costs, and their prices are competitive with larger discount stores. Still, discount stores such as Walmart are better at producing economies of scale to keep prices low. However, where they don’t compete is in Dollar General’s area of service and specialty.

The Growth of Dollar General Across the US: A Timeline

In 2019, there were more than 16,000 Dollar General stores in the US, a number that has progressively grown over the years. In 1977, when Dollar General went public, the company had only 150 stores. But by 2000, it had increased tenfold, and (20,000 – by 2015), and has continued to expand since then. The company’s success can be attributed to a combination of strategic site selection and business models, which focus on rural areas and low-income families to target opportunities for growth that other retailers overlook.

Dollar General Store Layout: How it Maximizes Sales and Customer Flow

Dollar General stores are built to maximize sales and provide convenience to customers. The stores are usually rectangular to fit more merchandise in one display and have a single-aisle setup, leading to the checkout counter straight down the center. Stores are designed with cheap and effective lighting and store themes: red and grey. The layout intent is to make shopping at Dollar General convenient and fast.

How Dollar General is Adapting to Changing Consumer Trends and Preferences

Since consumers’ behaviors are changing, Dollar General is modifying its strategies to meet their needs. One major way is by refurbishing stores to provide fresh produce, foods, and already-made meal options to offer their clients convenient one-stop-shopping. Additionally, Dollar General invested in groceries and household essentials, making sure it has a deeper selection of organic and non-branded products as well..


In conclusion, Dollar General is a successful business model that provides low cost, high-quality goods in small suburban and rural areas. The company’s biggest mandate is to reach the population that was neglected by major players. Dollar General evokes mixed emotions regarding its impact on small communities, but its growth shows no signs of slowing down. So to answer the question, “How many Dollar General stores are there?” The answer is over 16,000. It’s not hard to imagine America will soon be a Dollar General nation.

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