Can You Smoke in Rivers Casino? Here’s What You Need to Know


Whether you’re a smoker or not, it’s essential to know the smoking policies of Rivers Casino before going there. Smoking laws vary from state to state, so it’s crucial to know what’s allowed and what’s not. To help our readers navigate this topic, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide to smoking in Rivers Casino.

Smoking and Casinos: What You Need to Know About Rivers Casino’s Policies

Rivers Casino is a popular destination for casino-goers in Pennsylvania, but their smoking policies can be a bit confusing. According to the casino’s official website, smoking is allowed on the gaming floor and designated smoking areas only. This means that you cannot smoke in other areas of Rivers Casino.

Designated smoking areas are set up throughout the casino so that smokers know where they can go to smoke. These areas are well-ventilated and feature ashtrays and other smoking-related amenities.

It’s also worth noting that only tobacco products are allowed in Rivers Casino. Other types of smokeable products, such as cannabis and e-cigarettes, are not permitted on the premises.

Clearing the Air: A Guide to Rivers Casino’s Smoking Rules

The smoking rules at Rivers Casino are designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for all guests. According to Pennsylvania’s smoking laws, smoking is prohibited in most indoor public places unless they have designated smoking areas.

Violating Rivers Casino’s smoking rules can result in penalties, including being asked to leave the premises. In some cases, it may also result in a fine. In addition, Rivers Casino has the right to refuse service to guests who violate their smoking policies.

To Smoke or Not to Smoke: Navigating Rivers Casino’s Smoking Regulations

If you’re a non-smoker, there are several ways to avoid secondhand smoke while at Rivers Casino. Firstly, you can avoid designated smoking areas altogether. Secondly, you can wear a mask, which can help filter out cigarette smoke.

For smokers, it’s vital to comply with Rivers Casino’s smoking rules and use designated smoking areas. If you’re unsure where these areas are, ask a casino staff member. Additionally, it’s important to dispose of cigarette butts properly and not litter them on the casino floor.

Alternatives to smoking in the casino include nicotine gum and patches, which can help curb nicotine cravings, and smokeless tobacco products, which are allowed in designated smoking areas.

How to Enjoy Rivers Casino without Going Up in Smoke
How to Enjoy Rivers Casino without Going Up in Smoke

How to Enjoy Rivers Casino without Going Up in Smoke

If you prefer a smoke-free environment, there are plenty of activities and areas in Rivers Casino that are smoke-free. The casino has a non-smoking gaming area, a poker room, and a smoke-free restaurant.

Rivers Casino also offers a range of amenities and services to guests who prefer smoke-free environments. In addition to its smoke-free gaming areas, the casino has a luxurious hotel with smoke-free rooms, a spa and fitness center, and a variety of entertainment options.

Rivers Casino’s Smoking Policies: The Dos and Don’ts

To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, Rivers Casino has a list of dos and don’ts regarding smoking. These include smoking only in designated smoking areas, not smoking near non-smoking areas, disposing of cigarette butts properly, and not smoking other substances such as cannabis or e-cigarettes.

On the other hand, behavior that is deemed unacceptable includes smoking in non-designated areas, littering cigarette butts on the casino floor, and smoking other substances besides tobacco products.

Exhale and Relax: A Comprehensive Guide to Smoking at Rivers Casino

If you’re a smoker, managing your smoking habit while at Rivers Casino is essential. You can take frequent breaks to designated smoking areas and bring nicotine gum or patches to help manage nicotine cravings.

Moreover, if you’re looking to quit smoking, Rivers Casino has resources available to help. These include support groups, nicotine replacement therapy options, and cessation programs. By taking advantage of these resources, you can quit smoking and enjoy all the amenities that Rivers Casino has to offer.

The Burning Question: Can You Smoke in Rivers Casino? Here’s the Answer!

Yes, you can smoke in Rivers Casino, but only in designated smoking areas. Smoking is not allowed in other areas of the casino, and only tobacco products are allowed. Violating Rivers Casino’s smoking policies can result in penalties, so it’s essential to know and comply with these rules.


Knowing Rivers Casino’s smoking policies is essential for anyone planning to visit this popular casino. Whether you’re a smoker or not, being aware of these policies can help you navigate the casino and ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all guests. Remember to follow Rivers Casino’s dos and don’ts, and respect the rights of other guests and casino staff.

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