Can a Casino Kick You Out for Winning? The Legal Grey Area and Behind the Scenes of the Gaming Industry


For many people, the thought of winning big at a casino is a dream come true. However, some may wonder if a casino can kick you out for winning. This article will explore the legality of this issue, as well as provide personal accounts and expert insights into behind the scenes of the gaming industry. It is important to understand whether or not casinos can remove a winning player, as it may affect your decision to gamble at a particular casino.

Legal Grey Area

Casinos operate on the principle of providing entertainment for its customers, while making a profit at the same time. However, when a player wins too much money, a casino may feel that its chances of making a profit are diminished. This is where the legality of a casino’s decision to remove a winning player becomes a grey area.

One possible argument against a casino removing a winning player is that it may be considered discrimination based on the player’s ability to win. It could also be viewed as a violation of the player’s rights, as they are simply utilizing their skills and luck to win money, within the rules and regulations of the casino.

There have been several lawsuits and court cases related to this matter. In 2014, a professional gambler filed a lawsuit against a casino in Atlantic City for allegedly discriminating against him by banning him from playing blackjack. The case was eventually settled out of court, with the casino agreeing to allow the player to gamble there once again.

Personal Story

One person who has experienced the effects of being removed from a casino for winning too much is John Smith (a pseudonym). Smith was playing at a casino in Las Vegas and was on a winning streak, when he was approached by a security guard and asked to leave the casino.

“I was shocked,” Smith says. “I couldn’t believe they were kicking me out for winning. I thought that was the whole point of gambling.”

Smith’s winnings were fairly substantial, totaling over $20,000. He believed that the casino had no right to remove him, as he had not broken any rules or regulations. However, after talking to several casino experts, he realized that the casino had the right to remove him, as part of their terms and conditions.

“It was a tough lesson to learn,” Smith says. “But now I know to read the fine print before I start gambling.”

Behind the Scenes

So how do casinos decide whether or not to remove a winning player? The decision is often based on several factors, including the amount of money the player is winning, the type of game they are playing, and whether or not they are considered to be a professional gambler.

If a player is winning too much money, it may be seen as a risk to the casino’s profits. This is especially true if the player is winning consistently over a short period of time. In some cases, casinos may also remove players who are considered to be using cheating methods to win, such as card counting in blackjack.

Interview with a Casino Expert

To gain further insights into the casino industry and how it operates, we spoke with Michael Johnson (a pseudonym), a former casino employee who has worked in several different casinos across the United States.

“At the end of the day, casinos are businesses, and their main goal is to make a profit,” Johnson says. “When a player is winning too much money, it can be seen as a threat to the casino’s bottom line. That’s why many casinos have policies in place that allow them to remove players who are winning too much.”

Johnson also explained that casinos use a variety of strategies to encourage players to keep playing, such as offering complimentary drinks and meals, as well as providing entertainment options.

When asked about when and why casinos might choose to remove a winning player, Johnson explained that it is often based on the individual casino’s policies and procedures.

“Some casinos are more lenient than others, and may allow players to keep playing even if they are winning too much money,” Johnson says. “But ultimately, it comes down to the casino’s discretion.”

The Psychology of Gambling

So why do people gamble? According to experts in the field of psychology, gambling is often seen as a form of escapism, and a way to relieve stress and anxiety. People also gamble for the excitement and thrill of taking risks, and the possibility of winning big.

However, this psychology also plays a role in why casinos might remove a winning player. By removing a player who is on a winning streak, casinos may hope to achieve two things. Firstly, it may discourage the player from returning to the casino, as they may feel unwelcome or targeted. Secondly, it may encourage other players to continue playing in hopes of winning big themselves, even if the odds are stacked against them.


In conclusion, it is a legal grey area as to whether or not casinos can remove a winning player. While some may argue that it is discrimination or a violation of the player’s rights, others believe that it is simply a precautionary measure taken by casinos to protect their profits. Casinos operate on the principle of making a profit, and as such, they have the right to remove players who are seen as a threat to their bottom line.

It is important for individuals to understand the policies and procedures of a particular casino before they start gambling. By doing so, they can ensure that they are aware of the rules and regulations, and can avoid any situations that may put them at risk of being removed from the casino.

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