Are There Casinos in Maui? Exploring the Island’s Alternative Options


Maui, known for its stunning beaches, natural beauty, and Aloha spirit, is a favorite destination for tourists worldwide. However, one thing that visitors don’t find on the island is a casino. Gambling is illegal in Hawaii, including Maui, and many tourists from places where casinos are legal may wonder if they can visit one on the island. In this article, we will explore the issue of gambling in Maui, the reasons why the island doesn’t have any casinos, and suggest alternative entertainment options for visitors.

Maui’s Gambling Scene: Exploring the Island’s Lack of Casinos

Many people may wonder why Maui doesn’t follow the typical tourist spot formula of having casinos. The island’s lack of casinos is not due to its inferior infrastructure or lack of investment opportunities. Instead, it is a result of the laws, culture, and social factors that keep gambling out of the island’s borders.

Hawaii is one of only two states in the United States without a legalized gambling industry. In 1959, when gambling was legalized in Nevada, it was also made illegal in Hawaii. The State Constitution declares that gambling is “not a legitimate activity or business and is detrimental to the social and economic welfare of the people of Hawaii.” Thus, Maui is no exception and doesn’t have any casinos or plans to have them anytime soon.

The absence of casinos in Maui also impacts the economy and tourism industry significantly. In many parts of the world, casinos are a significant driver of tourism, and a lack of them can hurt the local economy. While many visitors to Hawaii expect casinos to be present, others appreciate the unique experience the islands provide.

Why Maui Is a Gamble-Free Destination

The absence of casinos in Maui is due to a variety of cultural and social factors, including Hawaii’s religious beliefs, cultural values, and history of anti-gambling sentiment. Some argue that the lack of casinos on the island contributes to its unique experience and is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular destination. Visitors can enjoy the island’s natural beauty, immerse themselves in Native Hawaiian culture, and explore a more authentic experience without casinos.

Alternative Entertainment Options in Maui: Beyond the Casinos

Maui offers a plethora of fun things to do apart from gambling. Visitors can explore the island’s stunning beaches, go on whale watching tours, or go hiking on the island’s famous trails. The island is also a paradise for adventurers: you can enjoy water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving or take a helicopter tour. The island is also famous for its rich culinary diversity, live music, and cultural festivals.

Visitors also have the option to book tours through local companies or create their itinerary. Many of Maui’s activities focus on the beauty of the island, Native Hawaiian culture, and the world-renowned biodiversity that surrounds it. Overall, there is so much to explore and enjoy in Maui that visitors hardly miss the absence of casinos.

Gambling on Maui: What You Need to Know
Gambling on Maui: What You Need to Know

Gambling on Maui: What You Need to Know

Despite no casino experience on the island, some tourists may wish to try their luck while vacationing on the island. The state of Hawaii prohibits almost all forms of gambling, including betting on horse races and sports. However, tourists can access offshore gambling websites that allow them to play online poker and other games with people in other states or countries with legal casinos. It’s essential to be cautious about online gambling for tourists, particularly as many websites might be fraudulent.

The Debate Over Casinos in Maui: A Community Discussion
The Debate Over Casinos in Maui: A Community Discussion

The Debate Over Casinos in Maui: A Community Discussion

The debate over whether to bring casinos to Maui has been brewing for years, and, over time, opinions have started to shift. Proponents argue that a legalized gambling industry could provide economic benefits to the island, creating employment opportunities and generating revenue. Opponents argue that any economic benefits may not offset the negative social, moral, and cultural impacts that come with a gambling industry.

Ultimately, it’s up to the residents and lawmakers of Maui to decide if the island will welcome casinos in the future. However, as for now, the island’s anti-gambling stance remains unchanged.

Maui’s Hidden Gems: Discovering Local Gaming Spots

Enjoying a game of bingo, pool, or cards on the island can be a fun and unique gaming experience. Maui has several off-beat gaming options that can provide a thrilling experience for visitors. Card rooms such as Players Sports Bar and Brewster’s in Kahului offer poker and other card games. The Saigon Palace in Kihei offers bingo in a welcoming atmosphere. If you want to play pool, Drive Away Game Room and Sports Lounge in Lahaina and Kihei Capones provide affordable and enjoyable options.

Maui’s Anti-Gambling Stance: A Look Back in Time

Maui’s opposition to gambling has a long history that dates back to the early 19th century. Religious beliefs and cultural values played a significant role in shaping the island’s attitude towards gambling. The Penal Code of the Kingdom of Hawaii defined all gambling as a crime and outlawed it in the early 1900s. Despite several attempts to legalize gambling over the years, Hawaii’s anti-gambling laws remain unchanged.


Maui is an incredible destination to visit, even without any casinos. Exploring the island’s natural beauty, engaging in local cultural activities, and enjoying the diversity of Hawaiian cuisine are some of the many experiences visitors can have. Furthermore, off-beat gaming locations present unique experiences for gamblers. While the debate over whether to bring casinos to the island continues, visitors can cherish the island’s uniqueness without any casinos present.

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