7 Reasons Why We Take Communion: Understanding Its Significance in Christian Faith


Communion is a sacrament that holds great spiritual significance for Christians. This holy ritual involves partaking of bread and wine, which symbolize the body and blood of Jesus. Communion is a deeply personal and communal act that helps believers connect with God and each other. This article will explore seven reasons why we take communion and why this act is so essential to the Christian faith.

The Biblical Reasons

Communion is rooted in the Bible and represents different aspects of Christian faith. It symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, which is central to Christian doctrine. The bread and wine stand for the body and blood of Jesus, reminding Christians that he gave everything for the sake of humanity. Taking communion also connects us to the body of Christ, emphasizing the unity of believers in Christ. It is a reminder of God’s love and the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for our redemption.

The Historical Reasons

As Christianity evolved into different denominations and churches, communion became an important part of worship. From the earliest times, it was part of liturgical worship in the Church. It became associated with the Last Supper of Christ, an important event for Christians. Communion became a means of repentance and atonement, bringing believers closer to God. Today, many different Christian churches practice communion in various forms as a fundamental part of their worship experience.

The Personal Connection

Communion can provide a personal connection to faith, reminding us of the sacrifice of Christ and our place in his redemptive plan. Taking communion can be a meaningful and personal part of an individual’s spiritual journey. The act of partaking of the bread and wine can help to center the believer’s thoughts and focus on their relationship with God. It can be a humbling and awe-inspiring experience, reminding us of the powerful love of God.

The Role of Community

Communion is not just a personal act; it is also a communal experience. It reminds us that we are connected to each other through Christ. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and fellowship among believers. Partaking of the elements together creates a bond between believers and strengthens their faith. It is a solemn act of worship, and when done together, it creates a powerful sense of community and shared experience for believers.

The Reminder of Forgiveness

Taking communion serves as a reminder of God’s forgiveness. Christians believe that through Christ’s death and resurrection, we have been forgiven for our sins. Communion helps us to remember this important aspect of our faith. It reminds us that in Christ, we are forgiven and accepted. It can help us to let go of guilt and shame, and to move forward in our spiritual journey.

The Practice of Confession

Taking communion can also be a time for confession and reflection. Before partaking in communion, believers often take time to reflect on their sins and seek forgiveness from God. They confess their faults and seek renewal in their faith. Communion can be a time to seek God’s guidance and to renew our commitment to Christ. It allows us to start afresh and to move forward in our spiritual journey, with a renewed sense of purpose and conviction.

The Future Hope

Finally, taking communion provides a reminder of the future hope we have in Christ. Christians believe that although we live in a broken world, we have hope in Christ’s return. Communion is a reminder of this hope and our place in God’s redemptive plan. It helps us to look forward to the return of Jesus and the ultimate realization of God’s Kingdom on Earth.


Communion holds great spiritual significance for Christians, representing many different aspects of faith. It is rooted in the Bible and has evolved over time into an essential part of worship in many different churches. Communion provides a personal connection to faith, enables the building of community, serves as a reminder of forgiveness, and gives believers a sense of hope for the future. Through the act of partaking in communion, Christians can connect with God and each other on a profound level.

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