Why Did Mae Fesai Leave Fox 40: A Look into the Mystery Surrounding Her Departure and Its Implications on the Broadcasting Industry


Every once in a while, a seasoned news anchor leaves a station, and the world is left to wonder why. In December 2020, Mae Fesai, a long-time anchor at Fox 40, Sacramento, California, left the station, leaving her fans and colleagues perplexed and in search of answers. Mae Fesai had been with Fox 40 for over a decade, and her departure marked the end of an era at the station. While Fox 40 did not give a detailed explanation of the circumstances leading to her departure, there have been rumors and speculations about what could have caused Mae Fesai to leave. In this article, we explore the inside scoop on what may have happened, the mystery surrounding her departure, the implications for diversity in the broadcasting industry, and what it means for local news in Sacramento.

The Inside Scoop: What Really Happened to Mae Fesai at Fox 40?

Mae Fesai’s departure was sudden, and many of her fans and colleagues were left wondering what had happened. There have been rumors and speculations about why she left, but no official statement from Mae Fesai or Fox 40. While we may never know the exact reason that led to her departure, here are some possible explanations.

Mae Fesai had been vocal about some issues, including toxic work environments, that affect newsrooms. She had also shared on social media about racial and ethnicity issues. It is possible that these issues may have contributed to her departure. Some people speculate that her departure was due to a dispute between Fox 40’s management and Mae Fesai. Others suggest that Mae Fesai’s decision to pursue other career opportunities may have been the reason she left. Regardless of the circumstances, Mae Fesai’s departure was unexpected, and it left a void in Fox 40 that will not be easy to fill.

In Search of Answers: The Mystery Surrounding Mae Fesai’s Departure from Fox 40

As soon as Mae Fesai’s departure was announced, Fox 40 released a statement that indicated that they had conducted an investigation into the matter. However, the statement did not reveal any significant findings. Since the announcement of her departure, there has been a call for transparency, with many asking for information about the investigation and what it uncovered. While we may never have a full understanding of what led to her departure, we can explore the details of the investigation and what the public’s opinion has been so far.

According to the Sacramento Bee, there were rumors of a verbal altercation between Mae Fesai and some production staff. Some rumors went further stating that the altercation led to Mae Fesai being threatened, and she no longer felt safe working at Fox 40. During the investigation, the management at Fox 40 was looking into whether there was any merit to these allegations. However, no official statement provided more information on the investigation or the cause of Mae Fesai’s departure. The lack of transparency surrounding her departure left many feeling dissatisfied and disappointed.

Breaking Down Barriers: How Mae Fesai’s Departure Highlights Ongoing Diversity Issues in the Broadcasting Industry

Mae Fesai’s presence on Fox 40 was not only a sign of excellence, but also of diversity. As an Asian-American and a woman, she brought a unique perspective to the newsroom. Mae Fesai made history when she became the first Asian-American to anchor a newscast in Sacramento. Her departure calls into question the industry’s commitment to diversity, especially for women and underrepresented minorities.

The broadcasting industry has, for a long time, faced criticism over lack of diversity in newsrooms. A 2019 study by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) revealed that minorities made up only 22.8% of staff in TV newsrooms, while women represented 44.4% of the workforce. The study further revealed that minorities were underrepresented in news management positions, with only 17% of TV news directors being people of color.

As the industry continues to face criticism over diversity issues, Mae Fesai’s departure highlights the need for a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Newsrooms need to make a conscious effort to hire journalists from diverse backgrounds to ensure that everyone has a voice and that all issues are covered from multiple perspectives.

Moving Forward: What Mae Fesai’s Exit Means for Fox 40 and the Future of Local News

Mae Fesai’s exit from Fox 40 has left a void that may not be easy to fill. She was one of the most recognizable and trusted anchors at the station and had gained a loyal following. Her departure could have a significant impact on the station’s ratings and its ability to attract viewers. While we may never know exactly what happened, her exit is ultimately a loss for Fox 40 and the community it serves.

It is not uncommon for news anchors to leave a station. However, what makes Mae Fesai’s departure significant is the impact it could have on the future of local news. Local news is facing challenges, with declining viewership and competition from alternative news sources, such as social media. Mae Fesai’s exit is a reminder that the industry must continue to adapt to changing circumstances to remain relevant in people’s lives.

A Reporter’s Journey: Mae Fesai’s Career at Fox 40 and What Led to Her Departure

Mae Fesai’s career at Fox 40 spanned over a decade. During her time at the station, she covered many stories and events, including the wildfires that ravaged California and the inauguration of Barack Obama. Her work earned her numerous awards and recognition, making her one of the most respected and admired reporters in Sacramento.

Before joining Fox 40, Mae Fesai had worked at several other stations, including KFBK-AM, KMAX-TV, and KTXL-TV. She had also been a correspondent for CNN.

It is not clear what led to Mae Fesai’s departure from Fox 40. However, based on her career progression, it is clear that she is a talented journalist who has gained experience working in different newsrooms. Her experience and expertise will undoubtedly be an asset to any news organization that values diversity, inclusion, and excellence.

The Power Struggle: Exploring Possible Conflicts between Mae Fesai and Fox 40’s Management and Its Impact on Her Departure

One of the possible reasons behind Mae Fesai’s departure could have been a disagreement or conflict with Fox 40’s management. It’s not uncommon for news anchors to have clashes with their management, especially when it comes to editorial decisions or coverage of sensitive issues. Mae Fesai had been vocal about her opinion on several issues, and it’s possible that this may have caused a rift between her and the management.

While it’s not clear what happened, it’s essential to note that the conflict between a news anchor and management is not uncommon in the industry. Tempestuous relationships can arise from editorial disagreements, contractual conflicts, and other issues. The legal implications of such conflicts often depend on the nature of the agreement between the news anchor and the station.


Mae Fesai’s departure from Fox 40 was unexpected and controversial. While it’s unclear what led to her exit, her departure highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the broadcasting industry. The lack of transparency surrounding her departure has left many feeling dissatisfied and disappointed.

For the broadcasting industry to remain relevant, it must adapt to the changing times. Part of this adaption involves hiring journalists from diverse backgrounds to ensure that everyone has a voice. Newsrooms must also address issues such as toxic work environments that can make working in the industry unbearable for minority journalists.

In conclusion, Mae Fesai’s departure from Fox 40 is a reminder that we must continue to strive for a more inclusive and diverse broadcasting industry. For individuals who find themselves in similar situations, transparency and open communication can help resolve conflicts before they escalate to the point of no return.

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