The Sanctity of Life: Why Abortion Should Be Illegal


Abortion is a sensitive and controversial topic that has been the subject of debate for many years. It involves the termination of pregnancy, which is a delicate process that should always be approached with caution. In this essay, I will explore why abortion should be illegal. The target audience of this article is anyone who wants to understand the rationale behind the anti-abortion stance.

The Sanctity of Life: Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

The sanctity of life refers to the belief that all human life has inherent value and should be treated with dignity and respect. This concept is rooted in religious and philosophical traditions that emphasize the sacredness of human beings. Proponents of the sanctity of life argue that every life is valuable, regardless of age, health, or social status.

Abortion is considered immoral because it goes against this belief. It involves the intentional termination of a human life, which is a violation of the sanctity of life. Religious and philosophical arguments against abortion are based on the idea that all human beings have a right to life, which should be protected by law. These arguments emphasize the moral duty to respect and protect human life, especially the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.

The Science of Life: Debunking Pro-Choice Arguments for Abortion

One of the most common pro-choice arguments is that fetuses are not yet human lives, and therefore do not have a right to life. However, scientific evidence supports the idea that fetuses are indeed human lives. From the moment of conception, a new human life begins to develop. Fetuses have their own DNA, which is distinct from the mother’s DNA, and they possess all the characteristics of living organisms.

Every human life should be given the chance to live, regardless of its stage of development. The right to life should not be dependent on arbitrary criteria such as age or location. The focus should be on protecting human life, not on finding ways to justify its destruction.

The Psychological Effects of Abortion on Women: Why It Should Be Illegal

Abortion can have serious psychological consequences for women. Research has shown that women who have had abortions are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Women should not be put into this vulnerable position, as it can have lasting effects on their emotional and physical well-being.

It is important to provide support and resources for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Women should be empowered to make informed decisions about their reproductive health, and they should have access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care. A culture that promotes abortion as a solution perpetuates the myth that women have to choose between their mental health and their physical health, when in fact, they can have both.

Religious Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

Many religious teachings emphasize the sanctity of human life, and associate abortion with immorality. Religious organizations advocate for the banning of abortion, based on the belief that every human life is a gift from God and should be protected. These beliefs should be reflected in laws and policies, as they represent the moral values of a society.

How Abortion Affects Society: The Case for Banning Abortion

A society that promotes abortion perpetuates a culture of disregard for human life. When human life is devalued, it becomes easier to justify other forms of violence and mistreatment. Societies that have banned or restricted abortion have seen positive effects, such as lower rates of crime, healthier communities, and more stable families.

Abortion affects not only individuals, but also society as a whole. It is a reflection of the values and priorities of a society. A culture that values human life promotes the well-being of individuals and the greater good.


In this essay, I have presented several arguments for why abortion should be illegal. The sanctity of life, the science of life, the psychological effects of abortion on women, and religious reasons are all important factors to consider when discussing this controversial issue. A society that values human life should promote laws and policies that protect the most vulnerable members of society. By banning abortion and promoting a culture of life, we can create healthier and more just communities for all.

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