Uncovering the Mystery: Who Really Owns the Palms Casino?


Have you ever wondered who truly owns the Palms Casino in Vegas? The ownership of this popular casino, hotel and resort has undergone several changes over the past decade, making it difficult to keep track of who is really in charge. In this article, we’re going to delve into the ownership history of the Palms Casino, explore its current ownership structure, and discuss any potential changes that may occur. Our goal is to help you understand who owns the Palms Casino and what that means for your experience.

Uncovering the Mystery: Who Really Owns the Palms Casino in Vegas?

For many people, the ownership of the Palms Casino remains a mystery. The casino has changed hands multiple times, leading to confusion amongst patrons. However, the latest official owner of the Palms Casino hotel and resort is Red Rock Resorts Inc. This is a publicly traded company, listed on the NASDAQ, known for its portfolio of gaming, hotel, and resort properties. While there are other stakeholders who own a certain percentage, Red Rocks Resorts is the majority owner.

The Palms Casino: A Deeper Look into its Ownership and History

The Palms Casino opened in 2001 and was developed by the Maloof family. From the outset, the Maloof family has been associated with the property. The Maloofs invested heavily in the Las Vegas community, and their family name became widely recognized amongst locals and visitors alike. Over the years, the Palms has had several celebrity owners, including George Maloof himself, the Kardashian family, and Justin Bieber. Each celebrity owner had their own take on the casino, with different promotions, events, and marketing campaigns.

However, the ownership structure of the Palms Casino has been rather complex over the years. Different LLCs and corporations controlled different percentages of the casino at any given time. This made it difficult for the public to keep up with who was really in charge.

From Celebrity Owners to Corporate Giants: The Evolution of Palms Casino Ownership
From Celebrity Owners to Corporate Giants: The Evolution of Palms Casino Ownership

From Celebrity Owners to Corporate Giants: The Evolution of Palms Casino Ownership

The most recent change in ownership of the Palms Casino took place in 2016 when Red Rock Resorts acquired the property for $312.5 million. Red Rock is a subsidiary of Station Casinos, which is a gaming company founded by the Fertitta family. The acquisition of the Palms Casino was part of a larger expansion of Station Casinos’ presence in Las Vegas and other gaming markets.

This acquisition has resulted in several changes at the Palms Casino. For example, Red Rock Resorts has invested heavily in the property, upgrading the hotel rooms, restaurants, gaming area, and adding new attractions like a recording studio and a nightclub. The Red Rock Resort executives also took over managing of the property, which is still operated as an independent venue. The acquisition has also raised speculation about the potential for further changes at the Palms in the years to come.

The Business of Casinos: Exploring the Palms Ownership Structure
The Business of Casinos: Exploring the Palms Ownership Structure

The Business of Casinos: Exploring the Palms Ownership Structure

Currently, the Palms Casino is owned by different executives and investors, with the majority owned by Red Rock Resorts. Red Rock operates the property through their holding company, Station Casinos. The property is still managed independently.

This complex ownership structure poses some interesting questions, such as how the casino is operated and if conflicts of interest arise between the various stakeholders. With different executives, individuals, and corporations owning different percentages of the Palms Casino, it could be challenging to keep operations running smoothly. However, at present, the casino and resort are operating as an independent venue, offering gaming, dining, and entertainment services to their patrons.

Is the Ownership of Palms Casino in Vegas Changing Hands? Here’s What We Know So Far

Currently, there is no news of any potential changes in ownership of the Palms Casino. Rumours come and go, but the management continues without any disruption or concern. However, if news of any changes arrives, we can expect Station Casinos to maintain ownership since they have heavily invested in the property and the Palms business model complements their other properties. Meanwhile, we encourage our readers to stay updated with the latest news and announcements about any changes in ownership as this could have an impact on their experiences at the Palms Casino in the future.


Understanding the ownership of the Palms Casino is essential for anyone who enjoys gambling, entertainment, or other activities offered at the venue. By exploring the history of ownership, the current ownership structure, and any potential changes in ownership, we hope this article provided clarity and transparency. The Palms Casino is a favourite among American gaming enthusiasts since it offers great experiences and continues to evolve to serve the customers. In this way, we hope to preserve its tradition and legacy.

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