Who Really Owns Rivers Casino Portsmouth? Unraveling the Mystery Behind its Ownership Structure


Rivers Casino Portsmouth is a popular destination for gaming enthusiasts and visitors looking to have a great time. However, despite its popularity and significance to the entertainment industry, there is still confusion surrounding who really owns the casino. For those who may have encountered issues with the casino, knowing its ownership structure is crucial. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the entity or individual ownership of Rivers Casino Portsmouth.

Unraveling the Mystery: Who Really Owns Rivers Casino Portsmouth?

There is confusion surrounding the ownership structure of Rivers Casino Portsmouth, which makes it difficult to determine who is ultimately responsible for the casino’s operations. The casino’s ownership groups highlight some of the ways owners could be vestiges of an estuarine economy that matches their the maritime past.

Some of the entities and individuals that have a stake in the casino include the city of Portsmouth, Rush Street Gaming, and Elizabeth River Crossings. Despite their respective interests, the ownership is structured in such a way as to ensure that they all have a say in how the casino is run.

This could be complicated, as the diverse nature of the ownership makes strategic decision-making harder. It’s important to understand this structure for anyone who has encountered problems with the casino.

Behind the Scenes: A Look at the Owners of Rivers Casino Portsmouth

Key individuals involved in the ownership group of Rivers Casino Portsmouth include Neil Bluhm, Greg Carlin, and Rush Street Gaming. Neil Bluhm, in particular, has extensive experience in the gambling industry, having helped set up other successful casinos around the country.

The ownership group’s motivation and interest are simple: to provide a high level of entertainment and a fun, safe environment for visitors to enjoy themselves. Under their leadership, the casino focuses on providing exceptional services to become the leading entertainment destination in Portsmouth.

From Concept to Reality: How Rivers Casino Portsmouth Came to be Owned by...
From Concept to Reality: How Rivers Casino Portsmouth Came to be Owned by…

From Concept to Reality: How Rivers Casino Portsmouth Came to be Owned by…

The idea behind Rivers Casino Portsmouth dates back to several years ago when the city of Portsmouth sought to create an entertainment district within its borders. The push for such an expansion was driven by the economic benefits it could bring to the area.

The formation of the casino’s ownership group was accomplished by combining Rush Street Gaming’s and other local interests and investors. The group then went about securing funding from multiple sources, including investors and private loans.

The process of securing funding was not without challenges. However, through determination and collaboration, the owners managed to make the casino a reality and give Portsmouth another feather in its cap as an entertainment destination.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth: A Tale of Two Owners?

Rivers Casino Portsmouth’s owners have different perspectives and priorities, an outcome of their diverse backgrounds. The casino is more of a meeting point for these different perspectives, so it’s hard to categorize ownership conflicts as a negative factor. The conflict forces the owners to compromise, settling on the best solution for everyone.

This diversity in ownership could also help the casino succeed by bringing new ideas, and there might be more attention given to developing new initiatives that cater to a wide range of customers.

The Future of Rivers Casino Portsmouth: What Can We Expect From the Owners?

The ownership group aims to take Rivers Casino Portsmouth to greater heights by continually improving the gaming experience for customers. This includes the potential expansion of the casino, including the addition of new services and initiatives to appeal to different visitors.

However, the owners must contend with the ever-changing landscape of Casinos and more pressure to increase customer satisfaction amidst intense competition. To keep the casino relevant and competitive, they must continually reassess and refocus their vision for Rivers Casino Portsmouth.


Understanding who is behind the operations of Rivers Casino Portsmouth is essential for anyone who needs to correct any problems they have with the casino. This article has explored the casino’s ownership structure, its historical background, and its future plans. Its diverse ownership brings together different perspectives and strategies that enhance the casino’s progress. Everyone’s input is essential for the casino’s decision-making process to be more thoughtful and inclusive. We can expect great things from this wonderful entertainment destination.

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