Who Owns Grand Victoria Casino: A Comprehensive Guide to its Ownership Structure


Grand Victoria Casino is one of the most prominent gambling establishments in the United States, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Yet, despite its popularity, the casino’s ownership remains a subject of great debate. Several legal battles have been fought over the years, and multiple owners have held ownership rights, making it difficult to determine the current ownership structure. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to whom Grand Victoria Casino belongs, examining its past, present, and future ownership structure.

The History of Grand Victoria Casino’s Ownership: A Look Through the Years

Grand Victoria Casino opened its doors to the public in 1994 as a joint venture between Hemmeter-Joseph Development Corporation and several other investors. However, within a year of launching, its owners sold the casino to Hyatt Gaming. Hyatt Gaming, in turn, sold Grand Victoria Casino to Las Vegas-based casino giant MGM Resorts International in 2005. MGM Resorts International retained ownership of Grand Victoria Casino until it sold it to Eldorado Resorts, now known as Caesars Entertainment, in 2018.

Throughout the years, several historical moments have impacted the ownership of Grand Victoria Casino. In 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court authorized sports betting, MGM Resorts International sold the casino to focus on similar gambling ventures. Eldorado Resorts, on the other hand, acquired the casino to enter the Illinois gambling market and expand its brand.

Breaking Down the Legal Battles Surrounding Grand Victoria Casino Ownership
Breaking Down the Legal Battles Surrounding Grand Victoria Casino Ownership

Breaking Down the Legal Battles Surrounding Grand Victoria Casino Ownership

Throughout its history, Grand Victoria Casino’s ownership structure has faced several legal challenges. One of the most significant cases involved Caesars Entertainment’s acquisition of the casino from MGM Resorts International. Some shareholders alleged that the deal was not in their best interests, and a court eventually ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, who were awarded $155 million.

Another legal battle occurred in 2017 when a group of investors with a 5% stake in the casino claimed that they were unfairly excluded from the process when MGM Resorts International sold the casino to Eldorado Resorts. The case was dismissed because the investors did not adhere to the Business Corporation Act of Illinois. However, it highlights the complex legal issues that can arise concerning Grand Victoria Casino’s ownership structure.

A Guide to Grand Victoria Casino’s Current Owners and Board of Directors

Today, Grand Victoria Casino is operated by Caesars Entertainment, which is one of the biggest names in the casino industry. Its headquarters are in Reno, Nevada, and it owns and manages several gambling establishments across the United States. Caesars Entertainment is a publicly traded company, and its shareholders collectively hold 39.9% ownership of the casino.

Grand Victoria Casino’s board of directors consists of six members. Anthony Carano, the Chief Operating Officer of Caesars Entertainment, serves as the Chairman of the board. Tom Reeg, the CEO of the company, is also a board member.

Inside Scoop: Insights from Employees about their Knowledge of Grand Victoria Casino Ownership

Employees at Grand Victoria Casino are hesitant to speak publicly about the casino’s ownership structure. Many fear retaliation from the company as they signed non-disclosure agreements. However, one anonymous employee explained that they believe Caesars Entertainment’s ownership has been more beneficial than MGM Resorts International’s ownership. Under Caesars Entertainment, employees receive more opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Ownership Changes at Grand Victoria Casino: What Impact Can Visitors Expect?

Ownership changes can undoubtedly affect visitors to a casino. When Eldorado Resorts acquired the casino, it changed the loyalty program and replaced the sports bar with a new dining concept. Visitors to Grand Victoria Casino under Caesars Entertainment can expect stellar service, exclusive rewards programs, and a 24/7 gaming experience. The casino’s partnership with William Hill Sportsbook is also an exciting prospect for sports betting enthusiasts.

Investigating the Controversies Surrounding Grand Victoria Casino’s Ownership

As with any gambling establishment, there have been controversies surrounding Grand Victoria Casino’s ownership. In 2018, the FBI arrested former casino employees in connection with a food and beverage kickback scheme. No one from Caesars Entertainment was involved, but it raised questions about the casino’s internal controls and the involvement of outside vendors. It also cast a shadow on Caesars Entertainment’s image despite the company’s commitment to ethical behavior.


Despite the legal battles and controversies, Grand Victoria Casino remains a significant gambling hub in the United States. Caesars Entertainment’s ownership has brought fresh ideas and innovative strategies to the casino, resulting in a better experience for visitors. However, as the casino industry evolves, there may be more changes and legal battles in store. Nonetheless, visitors can rest assured that Grand Victoria Casino is in good hands under Caesars Entertainment’s ownership.

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