Which Side Nostril Piercing: Your Comprehensive Guide

I. Introduction

Nostril piercing is a popular choice for many individuals looking to adorn their face with unique jewelry. However, beyond selecting the type of jewelry, the question of which side to choose can be equally important. In this article, we will explore the different aspects to consider when selecting which nostril to pierce. From cultural significance to face shape and aftercare, we have got everything covered to help you make the best decision for yourself.

II. A beginner’s guide to nostril piercing: which side should you choose?

Before you choose which side to pierce, it is important to understand the basics of nostril piercing. The nostril is punctured with a hollow needle, and the pierced area is then adorned with jewelry. When selecting the side to pierce, it is essential to pay attention to the asymmetrical nature of the face. The decision can vary based on cultural traditions or personal preferences, so let’s dive into the different factors to consider.

III. Left or right nostril piercing: cultural significance and personal preference

There is a rich cultural history behind nostril piercing. In some communities, particularly in India, left nostril piercings are believed to have therapeutic benefits, such as easing menstrual pain in women. In other cultures, such as Middle Eastern ones, right nostril piercings are considered to be a symbol of a woman’s sexuality. Ultimately, though, whether you choose the left or right side will depend largely on personal preference. For instance, some individuals may choose to get a piercing on the opposite side of where they part their hair, while others may choose to pierce the side that is least congested.

IV. Expert opinions on which nostril piercing suits your face shape

Face shape is another factor that should be considered when choosing where to get a nostril piercing. In general, piercers may recommend that those with a round face consider a left nostril piercing, while those with a more angular or square face shape may opt for the right side. However, it is essential to consult an expert to ensure that the piercing is perfectly centered and balanced on the face. Remember, a good piercer would always help you decide based on your facial symmetry.

V. Nostril piercing aftercare: tips for healing on either side

The healing process is essential when it comes to nostril piercing. For better healing, you need to ensure that you follow all the instructions provided by your piercer closely. Avoid touching the piercing area with unwashed hands and use disinfectant saline solution to keep everything sanitary. If you have a nose ring, we would recommend a press fit because it delivers a smoother and sleeker look and is less prone to infection. You may also want to be mindful of the side you choose to sleep on and avoid swimming or taking off your jewelry until the piercing is completely healed.

VI. The history of nostril piercings: which side has been traditionally preferred?

Nostril piercing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. In ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures, a woman with a right nostril piercing was considered to be the property of her husband. In Southern Indian traditions, it is said that the left nostril is the preferred location for women because the nerve endings on that side directly linked to the reproductive organs. However, as times have changed, the significance of the location has become less meaningful and primarily focused on personal choice.

VII. Left nostril vs right nostril piercing: how to decide based on your everyday activities

The activities you participate in may also play a role in which side is the best for nostril piercing. For example, if you wear sunglasses, a face mask, or shave your face frequently, you may need to select the side that is less likely to cause irritation. Additionally, if you play sports, clarinet or have any profession requiring parts touching your nose directly, it may be more practical to choose the side that will involve less contact with foreign objects or reduced chances of accidents.

VIII. Are you eligible for nostril piercing? Factors to consider before choosing the correct side.

Before concluding which side to choose, consider the risk factors and contingencies associated with the side you intend to get the piercing. Nose piercings are perfectly safe as long as they are done by well-experienced piercers sanitarily in a safe and clean environment. However, if you have high risks concerning blood pressure and medical conditions, it is best to consult a medical professional before going ahead.

IX. Conclusion

Selecting the correct side for a nostril piercing is a personal choice that you should carefully consider. Take into account your facial characteristics, everyday activities, cultural traditions, and healing timeframes. The perfect side is the one that fits well with your personality and lifestyle. If you need support or have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask an expert piercer/salon.

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