What to Do If You Find a Casino Chip: Options and Considerations


A casino chip is a small, round, token used to represent a specific amount of money in a casino. They usually range in value from $1 to $5000, depending on the casino and the game being played. Chips can be made from different materials, including clay, plastic, and metal, and can have unique designs and markings that vary from casino to casino.

Knowing what to do if you find a casino chip is important because it can hold value for its owner. Additionally, it’s a chance to do the right thing and potentially earn some good karma for yourself.

Contact the casino

If you find a casino chip, the first thing you should do is contact the casino where it was issued. This will help you to determine the appropriate next steps. Most casinos have a lost-and-found or security department that handles lost items, including chips.

You can contact the casino in a few different ways. You can call them or visit the website to get their contact information. Alternatively, you can visit the casino in person and speak to someone at the front desk.

When you contact the casino, ask about their lost-and-found policy and guidelines. They may ask you for some information about where and when you found the chip, as well as a description of the chip itself. If the chip was reported as lost, they will ask for your contact information so they can get in touch with you if the owner comes forward.

Turn it in

If the casino where the chip was issued is nearby, you might consider turning it in. You can either drop it off at the front desk, or deliver it to the lost-and-found or security department. By doing so, you give the casino a chance to return the chip to its owner.

Many casinos keep track of lost chips and will eventually destroy or sell them if they aren’t claimed. However, it’s still the right thing to do to turn it in.

Sell it

If the casino chip holds value, you may be able to sell it to a collector or through online marketplaces like eBay. The value of a chip can vary depending on the rarity, demand, and condition of the chip.

To determine the chip’s value, you can do some research online. Look for similar chips that have been sold recently and see what they sold for. You can also ask a professional appraiser who specializes in casino chips to help you determine the value. Keep in mind that not all chips hold value, so be sure to do your homework before attempting to sell it.

Social media

Another option is to post on social media to ask for advice on what to do. This can be helpful if you want opinions from people who have been in a similar situation. However, there are some disadvantages to this approach, as well.

For example, it could lead to unwanted attention, or you may get bad advice. Also, by waiting too long to make a decision, you could miss the opportunity to do the right thing and turn it in to the casino.

Keep it

If you decide to keep the chip, there are some ethical considerations to keep in mind. While you aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong by keeping it, it’s important to weigh the benefits against the potential risks.

Keep in mind that if a casino chip has been reported lost or stolen, it may not hold any value. So if you keep it, you may end up with something that’s essentially worthless and potentially puts you at risk of being accused of theft.

Donate it

One final option to consider is donating the chip (or selling it and donating the earnings) to a charity. There are several charitable organizations that focus on gambling addiction, as well as other related issues.

By donating the chip, you can help to support these organizations and potentially help someone in need. It’s a great way to do something positive with the chip and earn some good karma for yourself.


In summary, if you find a casino chip, there are several options to consider. You can contact the casino, turn it in, sell it, post on social media, keep it, or donate it. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully.

Ultimately, the right thing to do is to turn it in to the casino or donate it to a charitable cause. By doing so, you can potentially help the owner of the chip, or someone in need, and earn some good karma for yourself in the process.

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